Fake Nigerian soldier arrested

Police in Takoradi in the Western Region have arrested a 29-year-old Nigerian man, who has been identified as Denis Liwo Fraiwi, for posing as a military officer from the Nigerian Amy.

Two military officers spotted the suspect allegedly molesting a waitress at Vienna Restaurant in Takoradi.

The military men approached Fraiwi and asked him to stop molesting the waitress but he instead attacked the military men for interfering.

A fight ensued between Fraiwi and the military men leading to the Nigerian man – who had claimed to be a Nigerian military officer – biting the fingers of one of the Ghanaian military officers.


According to reports, he [Fraiwi] was however, overpowered and sent to the police station.

And upon interrogation it was revealed that his claim that he was a Nigerian military officer was false.

He is currently in police custody while investigations into the incident continue.



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