Fake COVID 19 drugs hit Ghanaian market

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) is cautioning the general public against buying any COVID-19 related vaccines in the country. Similarly, the Authority has warned health officials to be mindful of big pharmaceutical companies that claim they have cure drugs for the disease According to the FDA, it has not yet approved of any such vaccine for the deadly disease.

There is the Pfiser-Moderna developed vaccine which has been approved by the World Health Organisation to combat the disease.

The drug boosts one’s immune system and helps individuals to develop resilient metabolism against the disease. So far, the production of the medicine is not even meeting the European and the American markets.

Not to talk of Asia Country-China, which multiple sources claim, the disease originated from. From all indications, the drug is yet to find its way into Africa, where gradually, the second wave is hitting hard some of the countries on the continent.

South Africa is said to have declared a second lock-down due to the increasing rate of infection. But trust scammers to find a way out of taking advantage of desperate African countries that are eagerly looking out for the Pfiser-Moderna drugs.

Fake Covid-19 drug cause of Covid related deaths?

Shockingly, these scammers according to the FDA, are from the Business Communities. In a statement, the FDA warned that some unscrupulous members of the Business Community are selling Covid 19 vaccines to hospitals and other health posts.

“It has come to the attention of the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) that some unscrupulous members of the business community are peddling information on the sale of COVID-19 vaccines to hospitals and other health facilities”, the FDA stated.

Many are wondering whether its these fake drugs that have albeit unknowingly, been administered by health officials on Covid-19 patients, resulting in increased deaths of Covid-19 related cases the past week and now.

From Friday, 15th January to Monday, 18th January 2020, Covid had claimed the lives of many, including some prominent Ghanaians. They include popular Ghanaian journalist, Mike Adjei, Nanabenyin Pratt, the younger brother of Kwesi Pratt, a Public Relations expert and a lecturer at the Ghana Institute of Public Administration (GIMPA).

Others include former National Security Coordinator, Joshua Kyereremeh, Head of Corporate Finance at the Fidelity Bank, Leonard Gikunu. The country’s active Covid-19 cases now stand at 1,900; 352 deaths with 33 patients in critical condition at the Intensive Care Units.

Former Minister of Communications, Ursula Owusu-Ekuful revealed on her Facebook wall how she lost three friends to the deadly pandemic and therefore warned people not to compromise on their safety in the wake of the rise in the pandemic.

The FDA therefore instructed the general public about where these fake drugs are coming from, adding: “The information is ostensibly to inform the general public of the availability of these vaccines from well-known pharmaceutical brands, indicating their price ranges.”

The Authority therefore warned entities engaging in the said acts to desist and stated categorically that it contravenes the Public Health Act, adding “The FDA wishes to inform such health facilities and the general public that, peddling such information contravenes Section 118 of the Public Health Act 2012, Act 851 and constitutes a very serious offense.

…The general public is hereby cautioned against patronage of such vaccines since the FDA has not approved any COVID-19 for use in Ghana.”

Despite the assurance by the President of the Republic that Ghana will soon get the Covid-19 drug, the FDA’s statement clearly shows that Ghana is yet to access the newly developed Covid-19 vaccine.

And this was confirmed by the FDA on it statement, “when the COVID-19 vaccine is approved by the FDA for use in Ghana, the Ministry of Health will issue a national policy on its use.”


By Richmond Keelson


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