Exposed!!! Gender ministry under declare proceeds from sale of forms

Member of Parliament (MP) for Bole/Bamboi Constituency in the Northern region, Mr Yusif Sulemana has expressed shock at the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection’s inability to account fully for the sale of Ghana School Feeding Program’s (GSFP) caterer application forms in July 2017.

According to the Bole/Bamboi lawmaker, the amount of Two Hundred and Twenty-Six Thousand, One hundred Ghana Cedis (GhC226, 100.00) the Ministry claimed to have generated from the sale of caterer application forms was inaccurate.

Mr Sulemana speaking in an exclusive interview with Today, shortly after the Minister of Gender, Mrs Cynthia Mamle Morrison responded to his  (Mr Sulemana) question on the floor of the House maintained that the Gender, Children and Social Protection Ministry had under declare revenue generated from the sale of caterer application forms.

Per the Minister’s own admission, her outfit in July 2017 printed 22,000 caterer application forms at the cost of one hundred and forty two thousand, one hundred and seventy five Ghana Cedis (GhC142, 175, 00).

Mrs Morrison during her respond to a parliamentary question on the floor said “Mr Speaker, I will like to emphasized that the ministry made a significant excess of Ghc83, 925.00”.

                                                          Mr Yusif Sulemana,  MP for Bole/Bamboi

However, the minister failed to tell the plenary how much a caterer application form was sold to prospective caterers.

Interestingly, before Mrs Morrison was hauled before the August House, her predecessor Ms Afisa Otiko Djaba sermon before the House by the same MP for Bole/Bamboi to inform members as to how much her ministry through the Metropolitan, Municipal, and Districts Assemblies (MMDAs) was selling an application form to prospective caterers.

The former Gender minister, according to Mr Sulemana told parliament that a form was sold at Ghc50.00.

“Per the rate of Ghc50.00 per form, if the Gender ministry printed and sold 22,000, then the figures (GhC226, 100.00) Mrs Morrison is claiming to have realized from the sale of 22,000 forms is GhC226, 100.00” the Bole/Bamboi MP insisted.

Mr Sulemana, stated emphatically that the Gender Ministry should have raked in Ghc11, 00O.000.00 (22000 x 50) and not GhC226, 100.00, the minister claimed the realized.

“Per the figures Mrs Morrison put-out, it means a form was sold at the cost of GhC10.30p which is a palpable false” the MP said.

He has however, assured that he will use every legal means to ensure that every pesewa from the sale of caterer application forms is properly accounted for by the Gender, Children and Social Protection Ministry.


Story: Franklin ASARE-DONKOH

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