Expose: Comm Dir. at Ministry of Energy gave fake cheque to pay Utility Bills

Dr. Victor Afari – Sefa, an Agricultural Economist, has expressed his outmost dismay at the statement which the spokesperson for the Ministry of Energy, Nana Kofi Oppong-Damoah, posted on his Facebook wall, attempting to exonerate himself from a publication last week on schemes by him to evade payment of an electricity bill of GHC 14,219.98.

“Until his first appearance in Court, the total bills for occupying our house were GHC 19,219.98 for electricity and GHC 2,743.86 for water. He issued a Stanbic Bank (Executive Banking) Cheque with serial number 9040001841453 to cover the bills but it bounced when deposited into the recipient’s accounts.

“He has since paid for the water and settled GHC 5,000 of the electricity bills after the first Court appearance, remaining GHC14,219.98 still unpaid even though he has long vacated the premises”, said Dr. Afari-Sefa told multinewsonline.

According to Dr. Afari – Sefa, when Nana Damoah took over the house there was no air-conditions in any of the three bedrooms and the one bedroom boys quarters. “The weather in the area is just like that of the Akwapim Mountains, a fairly cold place. We lived in that house for a year and during that stretch of time we only used ceiling fans. His monthly utility bills were more than the monthly rent. So it beats my mind why he refused to leave the bills for us to pay”. He told multinewsonline.com reporter.

“I say he is arrogant and irresponsible because as soon as the keys to the house were delivered to him in mid-April 2017, he proceeded in the next few days to fix air – conditions in each of the three bedrooms. Surprisingly too he fixed two air – conditions at the living room. There was a wall one and the other was also the standing type analogous of a fridge.

“He is from my experience a crafty young man so I decided to trail his Facebook comments keenly, following last week’s publications that he had been dragged to Court for failing to pay electricity bills after staying in my house in Accra for two years.

“I was rather amazed that through his Facebook comments, deliberately packed with lies, he was able to draw people along to sympathize with him. His comments suggested that he (Nana Damoah) was being persecuted with no reasonable agenda by certain faceless people.

“But I want to assure his followers that Nana Oppong-Damoah is a fraudster, an irresponsible and arrogant person, who even gave me a fake cheque with face value of GHC23, 000, prior to the Court encounter, to honour his unpaid utility bills. This is very criminal and I will not sit down unconcerned for him to play victim’s role. I say fake because it was deposited into an account, and it bounced”, Dr. Afari-Sefa underscored.



Upon examining the face of the Cheque, numbered 9040001841453multinewsonline.comrealized that it is a Stanbic Bank book belonging to Nana Damoah. However, it was issued in the name of someone a relative I trust and personally known to Nana Damoah. April 26th, 2019 was the maturation date. The cheque was written and issued at Afrikiko restaurant at Accra with three of us present – myself, my wife Sylvia and the one in whose name he wrote and signed the Cheque” He concluded.

Dr. Afari-Sefa noted, on phone during the interview, that Nana Damoah gave him the Cheque in order to honour full payment of the bills and reconnection fees before finally exiting the property on April 14, 2019.

Quizzed why the Cheque was not issued in his name but in the name of a third party, he said, “In the first place he is not a third party person in the issue. The one in whose name he issued the Cheque is a relative with whom I schooled and grew up. More importantly, I live and work outside Ghana and my wife too was going to travel with our kids out of the country. So I wanted him to act on our behalf while we were away”.

He also indicated that Nana Oppong-Damoah purposely issued the Stanbic Bank dud cheque on the heels of failed attempts by the Adenta Rent Control Office to get him pay the debt he owed the utility companies for which these service providers had terminated their services to the house.

“I sometimes wonder where this guy got his childhood training from. He is so arrogant, selfish and full of himself. For all the period he occupied our property he behaved as if he was the landlord and my wife Sylvia and I were the tenants.

“At a point, we became so alarmed by the continuous accumulation of the utility bills, and whenever my wife contacted him to redeem them it turned into a heated argument. Whenever I called on phone to discuss the same subject matter with him, he would say we were harassing him. I can’t simply get where he deduced that logic from -”. Dr. Afari – Sefa told this reporter.



Source: multinewsonline.com


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