Expert proffers solutions to flooding  


Development and urban planner, Kofi Kekeli Amedzro, believes the government and city authorities must undertake a number of re-engineering activities to end the occurrence of yearly flooding in the capital.

He said the government must commit enough financial resources to tackle the problem.

“So unless we engineer an integrated waste management system that is able to ensure that the solid waste doesn’t get into the main drain system. As a matter of priority, we need to ensure that this is a key issue we have to invest in. We can’t wait for it to become a major flash-point for discussion every year. If we are serious about this, we have to invest massively in it and ensure that all the engineering works are done”, he said.

Water spilt from chocked drains unto the roads in some parts of Accra after last Sunday’s heavy downpour killing five people and destroying properties.

To eliminate problems caused by drains, the urban planner suggested that the county should improve its drainage system.


“We need serious engineering concerning the drain connectivity. We also have to look at developing receptacles so that when the water is coming from upstream to the downstream, those receptacles can actually hold some of the water. We also have what we call rain infrastructure network which is simply building trees along these water bodies having these so that we can actually hold a lot of water”, he added.

Meanwhile, the National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) Member of Parliament (MP) for Klottey Korle Constituency, Zanetor Rawlings is fully convinced the Akufo-Addo administration won’t be able to achieve its dream of making the national capital, Accra, the cleanest city in Africa by 2020.

According to her, “the onset of the rains and its accompanying flooding makes it crystal clear that the President’s ambitious vision is nothing but a façade.”

She noted that, the almost three-year-old agenda smacks of failure as the city continues to struggle to manage waste.

“Not from where I stand and not at this point in time. I don’t see the necessary things in place for it to happen. You are still seeing the rubbish everywhere. The amount of rubbish left behind when the water receded after the flooding was quite phenomenal.

“The time is going. We are in our third year since that promise was made. Accra is nowhere to be if we are trying to make Accra the cleanest city in West Africa, let alone on the continent,” she added.




Story: News DESK

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