Ex-NAGRAT  prez blasts  minister


FORMER President of National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT), Mr Kwame Alorvi, has taken a swipe at the New Patriotic Party (NPP) administration led by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo for drawing the Ghana educational system backwards.


According to him, the new educational policies being implemented by the government spearheaded by the Minister of Education, Dr Mathew Opoku Prempeh Opoku, popularly known as Napo, attest to the fact that the NPP government was rather worsening the educational system.


“NAPO, it seems you are getting completely confused about what education is meant to be in Ghana. Any pronouncement you make about our education in the country sends shivers to my system. You are going to change the duration of university education from four to three years.


“You are going to admit students from a central point in Accra like the SHS, on behalf of all public universities as from the 2019/2020 academic year, ignorant of the fact that admissions in universities are faculty based,” Mr Alorvi condemned this in a statement issued and signed by him yesterday.


He pointed out the double track Senior High School (SHS) educational policy was going to end in 2019, but Dr Prempeh’s deputy comes to counter him, emphasising that the double tracking would continue beyond 2019.


He noted that he was surprised to hear that Dr Prempeh stated that he was not going to allow non PhD holders to lecture at the universities when you don’t have enough personnel.


“Some of us including you were taught at the Universities to be what we are today by non-PhD holders anyway. You have converted colleges of education to tertiary institutions, and are giving students allowances instead of student loan as pertains in all other tertiary institutions,” Mr Alorvi said.


He went on to indicate that “And yet the students wear prescribed uniforms, sign exeats when going out of campus, wake up to rising bells every morning, weed the campus as labourers unlike other tertiary institutions.”


“And when the students complete, you ask them to do compulsory National Service, their one-year free off campus teaching notwithstanding, because you don’t have money to pay them, and so want to recoup the monies you wasted on them as allowances,” he asked.


According to Mr Alorvi, the Colleges of Education were now tertiary, “yet you don’t want to pay the lecturers tertiary salaries as their counterparts in other tertiary institutions.


He noted that the sector minister played a role to remove from office the Vice Chancellors of UEW, Cape Coast Technical University, Wa Technical University.


Mr Alorvi added that Dr Prempeh has done same to the VCs of UCC and KNUST but you met your correct ”Otumfuo” as a big baobab tree your hands could not go round.”


To this end, Mr Alorvi warned Dr Prempeh to leave “our Education Authorities alone to think correctly.”





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