Ex-MASLOC boss accused

Microfinance and Small Loans Centre (MASLOC), under the former management, gave out a loan to a company it had contracted to produce about 600 tricycles at a bloated cost, the new management has alleged.

According to the new deputy CEO of the Center, Maame Afia Akoto, MASLOC now has to deal with the challenges that have come about as a result of the contract.

Speaking on The Big Issue on Saturday, she said the former management of MASLOC, entered an agreement with Supeeva to supply some 600 tricycles at a cost that was higher than the average market price.

“You won’t believe the agreement that was done on these tricycles…MASLOC needed tricycles to give out to our clients out there.

MASLOC contracted someone for this project and then MASLOC turns around to loan money to the contractor to get money to get these tricycles to us. That is what they did; the former CEO gave a loan to Supeeva to go and get these tricycles, and then double the price for MASLOC.

“On the open market, it is between GH¢4,000 – GH¢4,200… And currently, it is in our hands for about GH¢8,000, almost GH¢9,000,” she said.

The new management of MASLOC has been contending with the previous one led by Sedina Tamakloe Attionu, over some contracts signed by the latter that has been found to be against the interest of the Center.

Earlier last week, the new management revealed that, cars which were being sold for $9, 000 in the showrooms of MAC Auto & Spare Parts Ghana Limited, had been purchased by the previous MASLOC management at a cost of about $16,000 per vehicle from the same company, resulting in a reported loss of about $2 million.

The vehicles were meant for the use of drivers from the Ghana Roads and Transport Union (GPRTU) on a hire purchase basis, but have been parked at the mercy of the weather due to the inability of the GPRTU to pay for them at the offered price.

The former MASLOC boss, Sedina Attionu, has however denied any wrongdoing in the various deals she authorized. She alleged that the allegations were tactics by the new management to tarnish her image.

In a statement copied to the media, she among other things said her administration had not paid for the 600 tricycles.
Her statement said;

“In October 2016, Management of MASLOC received approval from its Board to purchase 2,000 tricycles.

“Based on the approval, MASLOC wrote to PPA, requesting to procure the tricycles on the basis of a restricted tender.
Three companies were submitted to the PPA for approval to undertake this exercise.

“PPA granted approval for the use of restricted tendering for the procurement of the tricycles at a total cost of not more than GHC 17,000,000.00. The three companies were asked to tender their bids. The necessary processes were undertaken and the bids were assessed.

“The successful company supplied six hundred (600) tricycles before I exited office. Upon that supply, 40% payment was to have been made to the supplier. The remaining 1,400 tricycles would also be supplied after which payment would have been made 3-6 months thereafter. No payment was made for the supply of the 600 tricycles till I exited office”.


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