Ex-GFA exec to drag FIFA to FBI

Defunct Ghana Football Association (GFA) Executive Committee Member, Mr Kojo Yankah, has taken a swipe at the world football governing body, the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), and threatened that he will deal with the body for allegedly destroying Ghana football.

According to him, the Normalisation Committee of the GFA and FIFA have teamed up to destroy the prestigious sport in Ghana.


As such, the outspoken former Western Regional Football Association chairman has threatened to handover FIFA to American Intelligence (agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and Central Intelligence Agencies) to answer questions on the current state of Ghana football.


“FIFA has collaborated with Ghana government to destroy our football. We have to deal with FIFA; I will report them to the appropriate quarters by handing them to American intelligence for them to be questioned on whether the treatment they are giving to Ghana is fair. Whether American Intelligence deals with corruption or not, it’s my decision.”


After the airing of football investigative piece dubbed: ‘Number 12’ by Tiger Eye PI in June last year, Confederation of African Football/FIFA and Government of Ghana formed the Normalisation Committee to get the game restored by correcting the mistakes destroying the game.

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