EPA’s swift action on Chinese company is good!

LAST Monday we reported a worrying story on our front page with the headline ‘Osudoku SHS Closes Down… Over harmful smoke.’  In that story we indicated that Osudoku SHS has been closed down.

ACCORDING to the Headmistress of Osudoku SHS, Sylvia Baaba Yankey, the school has been compelled to temporarily shut down because they can no longer endure a harmful smoke emitting from a toiletries and a plastic manufacturing Chinese company close to the school.

MRS Baaba Yankey in the story lamented that the situation had worsened that they had had to send the entire student population home for health and safety reasons. It is sad that the powers-that-be sat down for Osudoku SHS to be closed down.

WHY they allowed that to happen is something those of us on Today find it difficult to comprehend, especially in the light of the fact that the school authorities together with the district education office had made several efforts to have the problem addressed.

IN fact, an independent investigation conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had revealed that the Chinese company operating in the area close to Osudoku SHS was operating illegally.  So the question, therefore, is: what was preventing the EPA and other state institutions, whose mandate is to stop such a company, from acting?

COME to think of it, it is appalling the way some of our state agencies work.  We only get to hear of them when harm has been caused.  However, Today is happy to learn that EPA has moved in finally to shut down the Chinese company, Shinefeel Ghana Company Limited.

THAT should not end the story.  We hope that EPA will closely monitor this company to ensure that it is complying with the order.

INDEED, it is equally refreshing that the General Manager of Shinefeel Ghana Company Limited has said that they will comply with the order.  Now that such a move has been taken we suggest the school authorities recall the students for academic work to continue.

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