Ensuring sanity on our roads necessary

CHRISTMAS is here again, with all the excitement and anxiety in the air.

WE are excited because the occasion once again lends itself to merrymaking.

BUT Commuters are worried because at this time of the year transport challenges rear their ugly heads.

THE common sight is long queues at the transport terminals due to the rush by travellers to get to their destinations to either shop or get to their home towns for the  celebrations.

THIS is one period   in the when accident rates go up because of the rush on the roads. Commercial drivers are eager to take advantage of the increased human activities to maximise sales, and in so doing they disregard road traffic regulations, resulting in accidents.

STATISTICS indicate that more people lose their lives to accidents on the road  during Christmas. The reason for this sad development is not far-fetched, as it is on record that about 90 per cent of road accidents are caused by human error.

WE believe  that this country can experience accident-free Christmas if we want, or that if there will be accidents, they will be too minor to be of concern to anybody.

WHAT drivers  need to do  at this time of the year is to be extra careful.  They should not drive at top speed and, must also  obey  traffic regulations..

WHAT is more worrying is that , in their excitement and the mood of the season, some drivers drive under the influence of alcohol and this is something they must stop.

TODAY also want to   appeal to the police to desist from turning road checks into ‘cocoa seasons,’ when they allegedly extort money from drivers.

FURTHERMORE , we appeal to all road users to heed the advice of the GPRTU  to speak up against reckless driving to make road transport a pleasurable experience


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