‘Ebony deserves to win Ultimate Prize at GMA’

Writer and Journalist Manasseh Azure has commended Ghanaian musician Ebony Reigns saying she deserves to win the ultimate at the Ghana Music Awards( GMAs)  next year.

This was after a serious of exchange of open letters from both Manasseh and Ebony concerning her costumes and general performances on stage.

In her recent letter to Manasseh which she posted on her facebook page, Ebony stated that she had released a new song called “Maame Hwɛ”, a campaign song to fight violence against women. According to her she was expecting a lengthy letter from Manasseh concerning the song unless he was only interested in writing to her on issues of her bad dressing.

Excepts from Ebony’s letter

“Dear Manasseh Azure Awuni, i have a new song out and is called “maame hw3”it’s a campaign song to STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN. I am expecting another lengthy letter from you on this one, or you only write love letters to me when i have a wardrobe malfunction? Pls let me know. Its ur girl ebony reigns, the 90’s badgyal.”

In response to her letter, Manasseh explained that he had been paying keen attention to her performances and could not reply her letter due to his busy schedule.

He wrote in his letter how Ebony has toned down on her dressing and commended her highly for a great job done with the “Maame Hw3” song.

He also commended her outfits in the videos of the song saying that it was superb and she looked stunning in them.

In one of the paragraphs of the letter, he wrote “Ebony, whatever the case maybe I congratulate you on your recent exploits and urge you never to look back. “Maame Hwɛ” has taught us that you can shoot a video without being nude and still get standing ovations for your work. It has taught us that you look more gorgeous in your new brand than your old brand. It has taught us that you can be covered and still stand out”.

He thanked her for not insulting back after his previous letter but acknowledging that there has been a wardrobe malfunction.

He was of the view that although her dressing had generated a lot of negative publicity for her, she deserved the artist of the year at the GMAs.



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