You dupe people – Murtala thunders at Rev. Fordjour who threatens a suit

Rev. John Ntim Fordjour, Member of Parliament for Assin South, is brimming with anger as he laces his boot to face off with his former colleague MP, Murtala Mohammed, in court for alleging that the former is a fraudster.

The former MP for Nantong alleged on a live television programme that Rev. Ntim Fordjour has been duping people.

This generated chaos on TV3’s New Day morning show on Tuesday as the two threw jabs at each other.

The two panelists were discussing the impending midyear budget review for Thursday when they strayed away to attack each other’s person.

Rev. Ntim Fordjour first pricked Murtala whom he said was found of using “unsavoury” words on high profile people.

Murtala Mohammed who is a former deputy trade minister had called President Akufo-Addo a liar for allegedly peddling falsehoods.

He claimed among others that the president lied about expunging ghost names from the Controller and Accountant General’s list, which saved Ghana millions of cedis, but said the Defence Minister had to later come out to correct what the president had said.

But the MP for Assin South who belongs to the president’s party, the New Patriotic Party, won’t take the president being called names by Murtala whose party he said are rather noted for misinforming Ghanaians and deep in propaganda.

“He is using such unsavoury words on the president,” he snapped but said he was not surprised because Murtala has been using unsavoury words on even stalwarts in his party.

The word unsavoury might have burst Murtala’s bubbles who then decided to go on the offensive.

“I am not engaged in duping people” he thundered, stretching his hand as he points fingers at Rev. Ntim Fordjour who sat inches away, uttering, “you dupe people as a member of parliament, you dupe people you don’t know that? …Your issue with Sam George, you think I don’t know. No it’s true…you can dupe people.”

Host of New Day Bright Nana Amfoh was forced to go on a break which lasted several minutes after the two men proved difficult to be controlled.

The two had agreed off air to apologise to each other and continue having a decent discussion.

However, when they came on set, Murtala Mohammed retracted his comments and apologised to Rev. Ntim Fordjour, but the latter would rather apologise to viewers and not Murtala Mohammed.

Rev. Ntim Fordjour reminded his co-panel that the duping claim has “full legal implication”.

He therefore demanded from Murtala Mohammed if he still stood by the “wild allegation” because his “hard earned reputation” was at stake.

He insisted Murtala singles out the duping allegation and withdraw it on the live programme, threatening, “if he doesn’t withdraw I will sue him”.

But Murtala ignored him and rather dared him to go to court.

As the banter rages and was about to degenerate into something nasty, the show was brought to an abrupt end as the two continue off air trading unprintable words at each other.


Source: 3News

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