Duncan- Williams Speaks ahead of 2020 polls



Popular man of God, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, has shared his perspective ahead of 2020 election.   

According to him, “all those Christians who are pumping their financial resources into politics, ahead of the 2020 presidential and legislative elections so they can gain favours for themselves in the event that their “gambling” pays off, will be disappointed by God.”


In his second service on Sunday, November 4, 2018, the founder of Action Chapel International (ACI) said: “Somebody said to me: ‘Papa, what do you perceive about 2020?’ And I said: ‘Not much.”

“But I’ll tell you one thing, there’ll be surprises’ because there are all kinds of people putting their money and their confidence and their hope in political parties. And God will make sure that you are disappointed. Oh yea! He’ll make sure you’re disappointed, for it is written,  “Curse is any man who puts his confidence in the arm of flesh”.

“So, keep trusting in men, keep putting resources of the kingdom in political parties, hoping that when they come into office they’ll do this, they’ll give you that, they’ll expand your business for yourself to get more money.”

“They’ll show you Cayenne pepper”, he warned.

“We have become gamblers”, Archbishop Duncan-Williams observed, explaining: “Every four years, we gamble in this country and in other countries; we gamble, take all kinds of risks, putting all kinds of money out there for political favours.

“Instead of you doing the right thing, you want a shortcut and the shortcut will cut you short”, he warned, adding: “Because you finance and [have] given out all kinds of money, you have all kinds of expectations instead of working hard and doing what is required”.

“God will make sure you are disappointed. You better put your faith and confidence in God, for promotion comes from God”, he cautioned Christians.

The man of God also found it amazing that some Christians get so excited about issues regarding the dead and funerals and make so much ceremony out of it.

“If you see what believers do today, the kinds of places we go. For instance, people go to the graveyard to unveil the tombs of their dead relatives”, he told the congregation at Spintex Road, adding: “When it was my mother’s one-year [death anniversary], I had all kinds of calls. Are we going to the cemetery to unveil the tomb I said what tomb?  You people can go, but I am not going anywhere. I have no covenant with the dead’, he said.

According to him, the Bible says,  “absent in the flesh, present with the Lord”.

“And I know some of you will say, ‘well, but Mary Magdalene went to the tomb to anoint His [Jesus’] body. That was the belief of the Jews; it’s not a biblical doctrine of the New Testament”, he pointed out.




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