‘I dumped my “MP” boyfriend’ Kumawood


Kumawood teen actress, Maame Yaa Jackson, has revealed that she once dated a Member of Parliament (MP) but dumped him because he failed to provide all her needs.

The MP, she stated, refused to open a makeup shop for her because she was not sleeping with him.

According to her, it will not be in the best of a poor guy to date her because she will likely cheat on him to get her needs provided.

Yaa Jackson explained that as a lady, she has lot of needs such as owning a brand new (tear rubber) car which a poor man cannot provide.

Touching on rumours that she once dated fellow young actor Rahim Banda, the 17 year old Yaa Jackson explained that Banda was like a brother to her and she will not date him because he did not have the means to buy her a ‘tear rubber.’

The actress, daughter of a popular Kumawood movie director, Jackson K. Bentum, burst onto the scene as a child actor alongside her contemporary, Maame Serwaa, over 10 years ago.

Maame Yaa who has been off the screens for some time now is also known to be a singer. She recently released a single titled ‘Tear Rubber,’ probably inspired by her thoughts.

She also blasted her critics on social media saying most of them hate her because she was more beautiful.

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