Don’t turn away patients directive is good but…

THE cold reception of government-accredited hospitals towards patients has brought into sharp focus whether these facilities exist to take care of us when we fall ill or otherwise.

AND what appears to have caught public anger against especially government hospitals was the death of 70-year-old Prince Acheampong, whose death occurred in a cruel manner after he was alleged to have been refused admission by seven government hospitals, with the excuse that they did not have beds.

IN the wake of that sad incident, the Ghana Health Service (GHS) issued a directive to the hospital in question and all government accredited hospitals and clinics to refrain from turning away patients on the excuse of lack of beds.

WE are not revising any decision.  A six-member committee set up to investigate the death of a 70-year-old man, after he was alleged to have been denied admission by seven hospitals because they claimed they had no beds, has just finished its investigations and report.

“We hope to present it to Parliament by the close of the week,” the Director General of the GHS, Dr Anthony Nsiah Asare, is reported to have told the Daily Graphic last Wednesday.

WHILE the GHS resolve to stand by its decision is okay, Weekend Today believes that government needs to do some more to resource particularly government hospitals to enable them attend to patients.

IT is an open secret that many of our government hospitals do not have adequate beds.  And it is even worse when one visits many of the maternity wards of our government hospitals.

THERE, it is common to regularly see pregnant women who have undergone caesarean section (CS) and need some time for their wound to heal being discharged amidst the risk of them opening up their operations for further infections and complications.

AND in many of the above cases such CS mothers are asked to go home early for the reason that there are no beds to take care of incoming patients.

IT is for the above reason that Weekend Today is calling on the Ministry of Health and the Ghana Health Service (GHS) to work towards resourcing many of the our government hospitals with adequate health facilities to enable them deliver quality healthcare to Ghanaians.

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