‘Don’t shy away from surgery’

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Nova Surgery Centre, Dr Francis Dickson, has admonished Ghanaians to dispel fears they have about surgery.

According to him surgical operation is an important part of medical care, which can be used to prevent disabilities or even death.

Speaking on Eezy FM’s “Consulting Room” programme last Tuesday, Dr Dickson partially agreed the claims by a cross- section of Ghanaians that some surgeries performed in the past had had serious implications.

“Some of the fears can be justified due to the outcomes we witness after the surgery,” he said.

He said most of these claims can be attributed to the non-availability or very limited surgical equipment and procedures.

However, he stressed that need for Ghanaians to do away with their fears when it comes to surgical operation.

He said, if the country invests money and time into research, new developments will make it possible, safe and easy to access medical attention..

According to Dr Dickson,  a good surgical team, anaesthesiologist and a good theatre will  make way for a good surgery to take place; stressing that training of surgeons is the longest among medical courses which is not left to chance, and for that matter a surgeon must exhibit proficiency before given licence to operate.

“Anaesthesiologist has a role not to only make a patient sleep but to make sure the patient is relaxed, well anaesthetised and oxygenated and the temperature in the operating room is well regulated to prevent air, bacteria and other harmful substances from outside getting in. He or she must also have the right to cancel any surgery should they sense danger or lack of inadequate information on the patient.



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