We don’t see electricity meters—VRA

Volta River Authority (VRA) has warned against the purchase of electricity meters from individuals.


Speaking to Nana Kas of Sunyani-based Suncity Radio, Area Commercial Officer for Volta River Authority (VRA) in the Brong Ahafo Region, Mr John Tayari, stated that the practice was illegal.


“It is an existing phenomenon; people go removing meters and selling to others.  We have heard it but the current one has not come to my notice,” he said.


“I really do not know the people who are doing it but I do know that they have knowledge in electricity.  They just go about removing people’s meters…sometimes they pretend that they have come to VRA and got it transferred and so they have come to remove it. But the unfortunate thing is that the public has not taken serious interest

in electricity matters. Mostly, we do not walk as individuals to do our work. We move using our vehicles which are embossed with the emblems of Northern Electricity Development Company (NEDCO)/Volta River Authority (VRA). People should get conscious of this and watch out for such miscreants,” he added.


Mr Tayari, who was reacting to media reports on the rampant stealing of electricity meters, warned that all perpetrators of such an illegal act would face the full rigours of the law.


“The law will take its course if we lay our hands on them. We do not sell meters…there is a procedure you pass through. We will process your application and get you the meter. It is criminal and offensive to buy a meter from any individual. We sell power and it is the instrument used to measure how much power you have used,” he continued.


On the question of how one can acquire a meter, Mr Tayari explained that the process involved calling at the VRA office and picking an application form. The cost of the form is one Ghana Cedi.


The forms can be bought anywhere in offices of VRA. They are to be filled and submitted together with a site plan if the applicant is in a new house.


Mr Tayari added that “one also has to attach an identification card to help us know the person we are dealing with. You have to complete the wiring in your house before you buy the application form. The wiring is not done by VRA/NEDCO. You have to engage a certified and qualified contractor. Inspection will be conducted by an official from

the Energy Commission…and the meter will be installed after our men have completed the physical inspection.”


He concluded by urging everyone to be vigilant and avoid dealing with miscreants who are not authorised to sell electricity meters to the public.


Story: Today correspondent

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