Don Little unhappy *With movie producers


Local movie industry acting sensation, Stephen Atanga, popularly called Don Little, has provided insight into how movie producers treat up-and-coming actors who are yet to establish themselves in the industry.

Don Little lamented he had been ‘used and dumped’ several times by movie producers who requested for his services but refused to honour their part of the agreement.

This, he said, had rendered him financially challenged and at some point virtually bankrupt.

“I have nothing” he cried out.

In an interview with journalists, the actor observed that the situation appears to be a norm perpetrated by several high-profile movie producers and directors in the country.

“You work and they do not pay us. They want to use us for free. If you go and work for somebody, they don’t pay. How will I have money? If people see me outside, they think I have money but I don’t have nothing,” he lamented in the interview, monitored by ABC News Ghana.


Describing how these producers go about their cunning acts, Don Little said the producers often call him to act in their movies and give him money for transportation after shooting as payment.

“They then drag their feet when you request for payment for work done and threaten to cut you out of subsequent productions if you insist on getting your due. They cite how they have neglected more accomplished actors in the past, a claim that suggests they are more than ready to let go of you,” Don Little added.

“If he calls you and says come and do my movie for me. If you go they will use you and give you fare (transportation). If you speak they will tell you that even Agya Koo and Akrobeto have gone through similar ordeals,” he recounted.

The now famous actor easily identified by his height and ‘tiny’ voice would, however, not name names despite the several allegations he has made.

He recounted an incident where he was forced to share one hotel room with two other colleagues.

“Directors refer to us as half beings and so see no need to arrange for separate rooms for us. They even apportion spaces within the room among the three of us. If you disobey their directives they will defame you on social media and tag you ignorant,” Don Little said.

According to him, his growth in the movie industry “is largely based on the assistance of popular actor and comedian, Funny Face”.

Don Little, who is challenged with height, said he has a long way to go in the movie industry, however, the unfair treatment meted out to up and coming actors like him derails their progress and makes them miss opportunities.


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