Divine Presby joins Breast Cancer awareness campaign


Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Divine Congregation, located at Anyaa in the Ga Central Municipality, has joined advocates across the world to hold a breast cancer awareness campaign in its vicinity. 

The campaign was held in collaboration with Health Net Medical Centre and Oncology Residents from the College of Nurses and Midwives at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital. The campaign included public education and free breast screening at the church’s premises.

The month of October every year has been set aside by the Breast Cancer charities worldwide to put breast cancer issues under the spotlight, propagating information and raising funds to boost research, diagnosis, treatment and cure for breast cancer. The Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) is also dubbed ‘Pink October.’

The Oncology Residents from the College of Nurses and Midwives at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Evelyn Osei-Amoah, Magdalene Denanyoh and Mrs Rose Odai (Tutor at Korle NTC), educated participants on breast cancer, as well as the need to practice self-examination.

According to them, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women with symptoms of a lump or thickening of the breast, changes of the skin, shape of the breast or the nipple, and bloody discharge from the nipple.

Further, they indicated that breast cancer often begins with abnormal growth of cells in the milk-producing lobules and ducts within the breast, which could spread into other parts of the human body causing damage to the entire human system.  They also mentioned that breast cancer is caused by a complex interaction of the individual genetic makeup, lifestyle and environment. They therefore, advised women to visit a health center if one detects a strange lump in the breast and armpit area.

A Business Development Executive at HealthNet Medical Centre, Derrick Fiifi Asare, mentioned that as part of HealthNet’s contribution to breast cancer awareness campaign, it is offering a 50% discount on its mammogram services in the month of October, also known as Breast Cancer Month to encourage all women at age forty (40) years and above to screen their breasts.

The Senior Presbyter at Divine Congregation, Madam Mavis Okyere, noted that the program was made possible by the Young Adults Fellowship (YAF) with support from the church, and encouraged all to seek early treatment to avoid any complications.

The President of YAF, Mr Gilbert Amoah, expressed appreciation to the leaders in the church and educators for their support. Patrons of the event included church members and some residents of the Anyaa community.



Story: Kwamena ANANSE

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