Different Types of Slot Games with Free Spin Bonuses 

Slot games have always been massively exciting, do you really think they would have caught on with quite so much force if that were not the case? Oh yes, ever since the late 1800s fruit machines, in some shape or form, have captivated those of us who love to gamble, and rightly so.

And if there was ever a time for that sentiment to ring true, it would be now in the 21st Century, because slot games have gotten to a point where they are absolutely bonkers levels of fun – click here today. A key reason for this is the introduction of more superior free spin bonuses, especially in the online market. As if you thought spinning the reels could not get any more fun… Let’s take a look at some of the different types of free spin bonuses on offer. 

No Deposit Free Spin Bonus

This is an incentive used by many online casino sites and developer to entice you to give their game a try without actually having to deposit any of your money. It works in different ways, but the bare bones of it is that you are given a few free spins free of charge initially. Many sites will ask for a deposit for you to then carry on playing, or retrieve your winnings, but it is still a pretty decent free spin.


The good thing here is also that you won’t really have to have luck on your side to reach the free spin bonus, only a keen eye for a good deal on the vast internet. Do your diligent research and you could be getting no deposit free spin bonuses left, right and centre. 

Multiplied Free Spin Bonus

By far the best free spin bonus you will want to reach is the heavily multiplied one. In order to entice more players some developers like NetEnt are producing games that have famously high multipliers, and even extend to include the free spin bonus. It means you could be looking at a seriously large amount of cash being won, without the added stress of your own wager on the line. Hell yeah!


The only downside about multiplied free spin bonuses is that you cannot just hunt for a good deal to obtain them. To access these free spins in almost all online slots you will have to land something specific on the reels, usually a number of scatter symbols. So there’s always an element of luck here, although as the video slot market gets evermore competitive developers are offering out far more free spin multipliers than ever before.

Unhelpful Free Spin Bonus

A free spin bonus is always fun don’t get us wrong, but what we’ve named the “unhelpful” free spin bonus is the worst pick of the bunch. It is unhelpful because this kind of bonus is only really available if you are playing in an online slot’s free mode. This means, of course, that you can have as many free spins as you want, but there is also no money to be made from them.

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