The Caucus for Democratic Governance, Ghana (CDG–Gh), has observed   with concern  as Ghanaians unwillingly enter the shadow of death induced by corona virus.  I am particularly scared and worried  at the time consuming attitude of the decision makers towards the arrest of COVID-19, which has brought the whole world (including its super powers) to its knees.

“OUO VADIS”  where are we going?  the observer seems to be asking leadership in Ghana with some concern.  Should we use days, weeks and months,  considering and taking obvious decisions which others have taken to limit and exterminate the virus?  It is true our cultural settings and our socio-economic layout would demand caution; the question however is : should we continue to circumscribe the problem with theoretical considerations until things get out of control, as in Italy or should we press on at all cost with a shut down and eliminate the virus before it starts multiplying at dynamic rate? Which of the two decisions do we intend to take?  Ghanaians want to know

The way forward is not to pretend to show how dear decision makers, love the people by delaying lock down; but to show competence and proficiency in such critical management situations. In time past former President Mahama and his Ministers agreed on a 10% pay cut to help a national course. As I write, Kenyan President and Vice President have contributed 80% salary cut to fund the fight against corona virus. That is the way to go and the true way to show concern for the people and love for country. The  Ghana Medical Association (GMA) and other medical expects and stake holders have spoken. Besides,  the current rapid spread from China across Europe to the whole world,  should be a warning signal that compels us to close our eyes and push through unpopular decisions and actions that would halt and eliminate the rapid spread of the corona virus.
As Ghanaians, we would have to accompany our decisions with the needed practical social interventions. Kayayes and those in such social groups should be given free food, water, sanitizers and consideration in rent payment.  Tax rebate for Industries and arrangement with their Bankers are issues to be considered.  We are not in normal times; it has often been said. We are therefore running against time and so  our decisions have to be carried out with determination. We are in a war situation. If we allow corona virus to kill people at exponential rate . If we sit unconcerned for corona virus to infect half of our population; then foreigners will come into our country take over and decide for us. That is what war situation means. The way forward, is immediate provision of the required social support, and consequent application of  a two week shutdown.

This corona virus affects all Ghanaian  and there should be no politics here.  I however find it sad that in spite of the Presidents decisions, NIA registration and EC registration were going on. As I write the court has given green light for registration to continue in spite of ferocious spread of corona virus. Where does the president stand? Is he for the registration and so for the spread of corona virus or against the spread of the virus? Is it likely, that the President himself is more interested in the registration than the lives being lost. Besides, Ghana is crying for additional loan from IMF and yet we have 400 million dollars and more, for a new  biometric system when the old system according to the manufacturers is in good condition.  Can the President not stop the biometric registration and use the money to save Ghanaian life?   We are not serious as a Nation and we will one day pay for our lapses.

Dr E.K.Hayford
Chief Convener CDG-GH
0277606338 / 0507694343

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