Deputy Attorney Minister confirms Nam-1 is acquitted and discharge in Dubai court

The Deputy Minister for Justice and Attorney General, Mr Joseph Dindiok Kpenka has confirmed that, Nana Appiah Mensah popularly called NAM-1 has been acquitted of and discharged in a case involving him and his Dubai partner.

Speaking in an interview with Today in Parliament yesterday the Deputy Attorney Minister, explained that, he received a whatsapp message from Ghana’s consulate in Dubai which stated that NAM-1 has been acquitted of and discharged

“After the whatsapp message, I personally called to be sure of the information coming through from the Gulf country and I can confirm that it is true NAM-1 has been acquitted and discharged”. He said

Mr. Dindiok Kpenka added that, the court in Dubai has thoroughly gone through the case which Nana Appiah Mensah was confronted with in Dubai and has finally come to an end today without a single charge against him.

He noted that even though NAM-1 has been acquitted and discharged he cannot come home immediately because per Dubai laws, NAM 1’s accuser have 30 days to appeal the decision of the court if they so wish, but after one month and there is no appeal then Nana Appiah Mensah will be brought to Ghana.

It will be recalled that NAM 1, the most wanted man in Ghana currently was arrested in Dubai somewhere last year for defrauding a Dubai based businessman.



Story: Franklin ASARE-DONKOH

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