Dealing with the menace of sex-soliciting lecturers

TERTIARY education plays a crucial role in human resource development.  This involves the task of teaching skills, attitude, knowledge, morals, values, creative ability, etc.


FOR many it represents the apex of the educational ladder, albeit others still pursue higher academic excellence.


IT is through the tertiary education space that we are able to build our human resource base with personnel capable of assisting to build a vibrant economy, which benefits inure to the benefit of the citizenry.


THEREFORE, Today was very disappointed and worried when three lecturers from the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) were recently dismissed for allegedly soliciting for sex from some female students.


REGRETTABLE as it is, we must state categorically that it is not a new phenomenon.   Indeed there have been cases where some female students have consented to these sex demands from lecturers to enable them get good grades.


SOME of the lecturers go to the extent of threatening to fail female students, who refuse to acquiesce to their sex demands.  Lecturers who engage in such shameful and disgraceful act(s) should bow their heads in shame!


WHAT good morals at all would such lecturers—some of them old enough to be called fathers of these female students—be teaching them?


WE are happy that the authorities of UPSA took the bold decision to sack those three lecturers.  The point is that our tertiary institutions are supposed to be instilling in our students high moral values and not the reverse.


THOUGH dismissing them was not a bad decision, we on Today would have thought that a more punitive action would have been to arraign them before the law court for them to be tried, and if found guilty, dealt with accordingly.


THAT, in the view of Today, would serve as a deterrent to lecturers involved in such practice and other potential ones.


HOWEVER, we want to use this medium to caution female students who are in the habit of enticing their lecturers with their looks for good grades.  It is a bad practice and must stop!


THERE is every pride in celebrating success, especially after having studied hard and come out with flying colours other than achieving such feat through the backdoor.




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