Dealing with child abuse

THERE is no gainsaying the fact that there are very worrying cases of child abuse on a daily basis.

SOME of the reported   cases include defilement; physical assault, sodomy and burns caused by women who claim to be douching their babies.

IN fact, the trend is very disturbing and that is why we think government must act fast so as to reduce these cases to a minimum.

FOR example, we always hear or witness cases of children who are caned by their guardians until they become unconscious.  And although that is not sexual abuse, it is a clear case of child abuse.

THE challenge we have as a country is that some of the cases of child abuse have been the result of some of our cultural practices which cannot be accepted today.

FOR instance, caning, which used to be the order of the day, but cannot be accepted today must stop in our various homes because it is not only hurting children physically, but emotionally.

ALTHOUGH most defilement cases   are often seen by Gynaecologists, we  think that there is also the need for the  training of more doctors and nurses who will  be able to pick up the indicators of children who have been abused and give the appropriate treatment and follow-up requirements such as documentation of the cases to help the police to prosecute offenders.

THERE is also the need for children to be taught to be assertive in order to be able to refuse adults who want to take advantage of them. Parents must also take another look at their parenting strategies.

THIS is because, in most of the cases those who abuse children are those who are known to them.  Some of the cases too have been domestic violence-related.

AND since the motive of perpetrators of child abuse can sometimes be so hard to understand, the right thing to do is to put in measures to protect children from it.

HOWEVER, Today is of the view that in the unlikely event that it happens, the children should not be short-changed in the kind of medical treatment they receive.

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