Danger Looms In Awutu Loye!


WEEKEND Today can report that residents of Awutu Loye, a farming community in the Awutu Senya West District of the Central Region, have been dangerously drinking from a contaminated stream due to the lack of potable water in the area.


However, what appeared to be the worry of residents in the area was the unconcerned posture of the government of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to provide the people with a reliable source of water.


This worrying situation, according to our sources, was draining pockets of the residents with a population of (900) and exposing them to potential water-borne diseases.


Even though parts of the communities in the Central Region, particularly the ones in the farming communities, were known for their perennial water crisis, particularly during the dry season, the situation in Awutu Loye community has become worst which needed an urgent attention of the central government.


The struggle for the scarce resource robs residents of productive man hours as they sometimes spend most part of the day in search of water for domestic use.


In most rural communities in the Central Region, streams and dams are the only sources of water.


However, during the dry season these water bodies dry up, leaving residents to walk longer distances to access water.


Ironically, residents of Awutu Loye were no strangers to this phenomenon. The community was without a dam and the only source of water there was a stream which was even farther away from the village.


During the rainy season, women of Awutu Loye do not have much trouble searching for water as the streams are usually filled to the brim.


But as the rains depart and the dry season is ushered in, the streams begin to dry up and residents begin to wander from community to community in search of water.


This is the situation residents of Awutu Loye and other communities currently find themselves in.


Speaking in an interview with Weekend Today, the visibly distraught residents led by their Odikro, Mr James Bortey, disclosed that the entire residents of the community largely depended on contaminated water from stream with germs which pose serious health risks to them.


According to the residents, they were about nine hundred people but they all depended on small stream which was unhygienic and contaminated with germs and that was their only source of water.


The residents further stated that it was the same contaminated water that they use for their house chores.


To this end, they charged the Member of Parliament for the area, who also doubles as the Deputy Minister for Communications, Mr Nenyi George Andah, and the District Chief Executive (DCE), Stephen Kwame Quaye, to respond to their water crisis else they will vote massively against the MP during this year’s election.






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Pix: Mr Nenyi George Andah, MP for Awutu Senya West


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