Danger looms over Accra-Tetegu lands



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THERE is a looming clash at Tetegu, a fast developing community in Ga South Municipality of the Greater Accra region, Today investigations have revealed.

This imminent danger, Today gathered, follows what the elders of Tetegu considered  as an “unlawful” sale of plots of lands leased by them to Tare Properties Development Company Limited for development projects.

According to them, some unauthorized persons of Tetegu including Naa Kafui Kuwornu, Mr. Elias Dormenyo, Happy Akukpah, Livingstone Atukpah, Amuzu Atukpah and Gershon Tamekloe who styled themselves as owners of Tetegu lands were using very coercive approaches to deceive and sell Tetegu lands to unsuspecting individuals and organisations.

They noted that these unauthorised persons ignored a judgment in favour of elders of Tetegu delivered by His Lordship, Justice N.M.C. Abodakpi, which stated that the elders of Tetegu and above-mentioned company was the rightful owner of the said land.

That declaration, according to them was made in connection with a case “Nii Kojo Danso l (substituted by Samuel Nii Arku Danso) who was the plaintiff versus Ayittah Tsuru, the Land Commission and Tare Property Development Company Limited, the defendants.”

Addressing a press conference in Accra yesterday, elders of Tetegu Stool, youth and affected company clad in red armbands called on the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Chief Justice and the Ga Traditional Council to swiftly call these unauthorized persons to order so as to avert any possible bloodbath in the area.

Mr. K.K Larbi  who acted as a spokesperson for the Tare Properties Development Company Limited warned prospective land buyers interested in Tetegu lands to avoid dealing with Naa Kafui Kuwornu, Mr. Elias Dormenyo, Happy Akukpah, Livingstone Atukpah, Amuzu Atukpah and Gershon Tamekloe.

According to the company, these people of Tetegu are predominantly non-natives, mostly migrants from Volta Region, were only given power of attorney to take care of Tetegu lands and not authorized to sell any land of the area to any individual or organisation.

It cautioned the general public to be aware of these issues and take precautionary measures when acquiring any portion of land in Tetegu from anyone it has not mandated, adding that persons who allow themselves to be duped, do so at their own risk.

Failure by the prospective land buyers to adhere to this warning, the company stressed would amount to the risk of losing their landing properties on the land and subsequently caused their arrest and prosecution.

The company gave hint of his outfit intention to institute legal action against Tetegu Mantse, who is the only surviving grantor to the lease of the land dated May 7, 2003.

The intended action, the company noted has become necessary because before it acquired the land it made many proposals with the grantors before “we came to final agreement but the grantors have breached their contractual agreement in regards to wanton sale of Tetegu land by the six individuals.”

The company explained that Tetegu land was legally leased to the company by legitimate chiefs and elders of Tetegu and was dully registered in the name of the company at Lands Commission in Accra.



Story by Freeman Koryekpor Awlesu

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