Dagbon chiefs reject Chereponi as part of North East Region

A special request by the Overlord of Mamprugu, Naa Bohagu Abdulai Mahama Sheriga, for the inclusion of Chereponi in the proposed North East Region has been rejected. 

This was at an emergency meeting convened by the Dagbon Traditional Council (DTC) in Tamale on Tuesday, October 16, 2018.

The chiefs stated that the decision to decline the request was as a result of the cultural, historical and geopolitical implications the request would have on the Council.

But they renewed their support for the wish of the Mamprugu Traditional Council to have a new region.

Some 18 paramount chiefs out of the 21 paramount skins of Dagbon, made up of the Abudu and Andani factions, attended the meeting.

The chiefs deliberated on the issue to bring an end to protests and agitation on why Chereponi should or should not be part of the new region.

Naa Bohagu Mahami Abdulai Sheriga had requested the DTC to allow Chereponi to be added to the proposed North East Region, ostensibly to boost the geographical size and the chance for the creation of the North East Region.

Since the announcement was made about the proposed new regions, the chiefs of Dagbon, particularly Chereponi, have raised issues with the inclusion of Chereponi in the North East Region.

Those who opposed Chereponi’s inclusion in a new region argued that separating it from the Northern Region and adding it to the new region, which falls mainly in the Mamprugu area, may mean Chereponi would have to pay allegiance to the Overlord of Mamprugu.

The Kpan-Na Naa Abubakari, who briefed the media after the meeting, said Dagbon might have its internal challenges, but the cohesion and integrity of the kingdom remained resolutely non-negotiable, as every “prince and principality has the unalloyed responsibility of defending the kingdom against dismemberment.”

He said the decision by the chiefs was a collective one taken by the council, as it could not betray Chereponi by agreeing to cede it to the future North East Region.

The Nayiri, President of Mamprugu Traditional Council on September 2, 2018 wrote to the Dagbon Traditional Council to formally ask for Chereponi District -which is under the Dagbon Traditional Council – to be part of the proposed North East.

The request according to the letter will enable them to pursue the path of development for the general wellbeing of their people.

It added that the chiefs and people of Chereponi would continue to pay allegiance to the Gbewa skin after the creation of the proposed North East Region.

The statement also added that the traditional institutions and age-long established traditional boundaries of the two have never been in doubt and will remain so for posterity.



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