These cut off communities in the North & Volta need urgent help!

story on the back page of Daily Graphic yesterday of some communities in the Northern and Volta Regions being cut off, following the submersion of a bridge in the north and the collapse of another in the Volta Region is disturbing.

ACCORDING to the story, the decking of the Kpalba Bridge over the Oti River has been inundated by floodwaters due to weeks of heavy rains.  And significantly the Kpalba Bridge connects the Saboba District to the Yendi Municipality and Tamale, all in the Northern Region.

THE development, the Daily Graphic story indicates, has made the bridge inaccessible for both goods and persons.

SIMILARLY in the Volta Region, a bridge on the Ahavor River, which broke down some 13 years ago and has since not been fixed, was making it very difficult for three farming communities in the area.

FOLLOWING the development the District Chief Executive (DCE) for Saboba, Mr George Bingrini, has made a passionate appeal to the central government to come to their aid.

WE will, therefore, appeal to the government to come to our aid by constructing a new metal bridge to replace the old one as a long-term measure,” Mr Bingrimi was quoted to have appealed in an interview with the state-owned Daily Graphic.

AS we sympathise with these cut off communities, Today wants to add its voice to the plea for the government to go to their aid. Especially when many of the residents there are farmers and need to transport their products to the markets and other places to sell and make a living out of it.

AND for us on this paper, it should not only be the responsibility of the government to help in such situations.  At least, private entities and philanthropists can go in and offer their widow’s mite.

IN the case of Saboba District, the Daily Graphic story has an attached picture, which tells how residents in the district wade through the river at the peril of their lives to travel to other places.  In fact, the story makes it clear that school children have had to stay at home because of the situation.

AS a temporary measure Today would want to suggest that some boats and life jackets are made available to the affected communities to aid in their movement till those bridges are fixed.

THE issue also brings into sharp focus the kind of bridges we build.  Therefore, we expect that the central government will take a cue from some of these things ensure that we get value for money in the execution of national projects.

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