Customer Confidence Grows *At GN Savings


Customer confidence in GN Savings (GNS) is growing and soaring with each passing day. 

This follows prudent customer satisfaction steps adopted by management of the company to win back the trust and confidence of its millions of customers across the country and also attract new ones.


In an interview with Today, the GN Savings Regional Manager, Volta Region, Robert Mensah, disclosed that the adoption of the Local Regional Banking (LRB) concept has been embraced by many of its customers in the region.


He said this followed persistent persuasion and in-depth explanation to customers on the assurance that their funds were safe.


Initially, Mr Mensah indicated that some of the customers were not only ‘nervous but repulsive.’


That, he explained, was because these customers thought if their existing funds had not been paid to them, there was no motivation to continue depositing with the company.


The strategy, therefore, was to approach customers at all fronts including the use of radio presentation, one-on-one presentation, he said.


According to him, teams of three/four were formed and approached customers on a daily basis to assure customers of the safety and full access to their new cash so deposited with the company.


And following that, the Volta regional manager, GN Savings, disclosed that his outfit has made tremendous impact with this concept, “thus restoring the lost confidence which emanated from our liquidity challenge.”


With LRB, he said, customers who give GN Savings new cash are able to access their funds at any time from any of the locations of GN Savings.


“All inward transfers, and ACH so received are also paid to the beneficiaries of such funds. Customers thus have unbridled access to their new funds to facilitate the running of their businesses. Those who experimented by depositing new monies with us were not disappointed and thus regained the lost confidence and are now free to walk into our banking halls to either deposit or withdraw. The new deposit turnover so generated has quadrupled over the last six months,” Mr Mensah told Today.


The impact of the trust so regained through LRB in the Volta Region, he said, stemmed from the fact that new deposit so generated in the Volta Region was the highest compared with the respective deposit from all other nine regions for the month of April and May this year.


“Our mobile bankers are at the fore-front of collections from our customers who have resumed depositing with us in places like Hohoe, Vakpo, Aflao, Tsito, Ho to mention but a few.”


And as part of efforts to strengthen the LRB some more, Mr Mensah said: “we have also adopted Community Banking which seeks to galvanise the support of the traditional leaders, opinion leaders, heads of associations and groups to assure customers in those communities to continue patronising our services.


Deposits so mobilised from our branches in these communities, he revealed, were kept by them and not evacuated to the head office but kept safely within the region.


And these monies are available for full accessibility by those who deposited them, he assured.


“From funds so mobilised, we have fashioned out credit facilities which will meet the needs of the people within the community. This has been rolled out in communities such as Golokwati, Vakpo and Tsito in the Volta Region. This will gradually be replicated in other communities, which are not cosmopolitan in nature, but have common interests.”


Furthermore, Mr Mensah noted that his outfit has also actively resumed paying out beneficiaries of Western Union, RIA, Unity Link, Wari at all their locations in the region, adding that these beneficiaries are happy with the prompt services so provided.




Story: Ato KEELSON

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