Curbing the excesses of City Guards in our cities  


MAINTAINING law and order in a metropolis like the cities we have in this country (Accra, Kumasi, Sekondi-Takoradi etcetera) and all over the globe is no mean an easy task.

IT does require not only the law enforcers but also the various authorities in these cities.

OF course, it comes with a cost element.

THE reason our metropolitan and municipal district assemblies (MMDAs) engage the training of those called City Guards and Task force personnel to ensure that sanity prevails, especially in our cities.

THROUGH the efforts of these city guards and task force officers we have seen some level of sanity, especially within the central business districts (CBDs) of the regional capitals.

CRIMES such as pickpocketing, stealing of traders’ wares has reduced drastically because of the vigilance and efforts of these officers.

HOWEVER, the excesses of some of these city guards and task-force officers leave very much to be desired!

THESE extremes are worrying that one wonders whether our city guards and task force officers know that we are operating under the rule of law.

OFTENTIMES they do it with such boldness that they do not even recognise it when glaring they are trampling on the rights of their victims.

THIS is where Today endorses the call by the Head of the Local Government Service, Dr Nana Ato Arthur, directing metropolitan, municipal and district coordinating directors in the Greater Accra Region to call their city guards and task force officers to order.

HE did not end there, but also charge the coordinating directors to investigate and expel officers engaged in extortion and misconduct.

EVEN though we agree with Dr Arthur, we think that expelling officers who misconduct themselves is not punitive enough.

THE reason is that such officers would have it at the back of their mind that after misconducting themselves they would be fired and that will be all.

BUT, in the opinion of Today, the punishment should go beyond just expelling them from the service!

THOSE engaged in criminal offenses should immediately be arraigned before the law courts.  And if found guilty should be punished accordingly!  This, we believe, would help reduce to the barest minimum the excesses of some of the city guards.



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