CSE and Akufo Addo VS Moral Obligations and Cultural Ethics Of Ghanaian Society

He who lies always never speaks the truth

The Caucus for Democratic Governance- Ghana (CDG-GH) after careful observations research,  and analysis,  on the Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE), wish to advise  Nana Addo  that any attempt to impose  CSE on Ghanaians, will be an attempt to destroy the heritage of the people. Mr President you once tried to sell Ghana for $20 million in exchange for American base. You failed because the good people of Ghana resisted. Again you are trying to sell Ghana for $200 million to Sweden with the hope of forcing us into lesbianism to destroying our heritage using CSE.

In the minute details, the Comprehensive Sexuality Education leads to the destruction of our cultural and moral fabric. The Ghanaian culture or African culture and moral ethics and European moral and cultural ethics are not the same. The use of CSE as a solution for the moral degradation of Europeans, cannot be used for Ghanaians or Africans while the moral cultural standards differ. Without any exaggeration, vices like corruption, stealing ,killing, sexual immorality are all products imported from Europe. Now we want to import lesbianism

For some years now, pressure has been exerted on African leaders to legalize homosexuality. They even tried to couple development aid to legalization of homosexuality; an attempt which miserably failed. The trick now is to repackage homosexuality and lesbianism for the third world through UNESCO; with financial bait from Sweden to destroy our future generation. How and why on earth should kindergarten children be taught how men can sleep with men and how women can sleep with women?  Why should children be taught things they cannot comprehend and which can lead to six year old children trying their skills on sex as practical part of the lessons in school ?


The CDG-GH is aware that the decision of Nana Addo to withdraw the CSE is a trick to obliterate his inner desires (“it must hsppen”) ;  with the hope of bringing it back when he wins the 2020 election. We  are sure, the Chiefs, the Christian Council, the Catholic Bishops Conference , the Pentecostal Christian Council the Muslim Council and Chief Imam, traditionalist, parents, teachers, students and the good people of Ghana will not vote for any one who desires to force Lesbianism on our children to destroy our moral and cultural heritage.




Dr E.K.Hayford

Chief Convener – CDG-GH

0277606338 / 0507694343

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