The Crimea: 5 Years With Russia

Five years ago, Crimea was part of the Russian Federation.  So much has been done by the Russian government to develop the new subject of federation and improve standards of live on the peninsula.

First, the budget incomings were increased by 2.5 times in comparison with the same term it was Ukrainian and now accounts for 1 billion USD. Great impulse for such economic growth was made by large-scale infrastructure projects—new international terminal in Simpheropol Airport, The Crimea Bridge, Tavrida Highway, two high-tech thermal power plants—Tavricheskaya and Balasklavskaya.

Second, The Crimea became attractive for foreign investments with its sphere of lucrative constriction. And within 5 years, 28 hotels and tourist bases were been built in Simpheropol, Yalta, Feodosia and so on. A lot of foreign companies invest in the real estate space in the Crimea. The tourist flow in 2018 was 30% higher than 2017 and helped create jobs for about 6 million people. It’s important to point out that the flow of Ukrainian tourist was also higher in 2018 and exceeded 850 thousand people.

Third, the Russian government adopted target programmes for the social development of The Crimea Federal district. And these sponsored activities accounted for 5 billion US dollars up to the year 2030. First, tranche of 2.5 billion US dollars will be transferred this year.

Fourth, foreign leading investors in real estate and construction sphere, industry, agriculture researched and sated that the Crimea Peninsula was reliable and predictable for international business. So, China and Bahrain are ready to invest 100 million in construction of power plants and other infrastructure projects. Belgium is interested to invest 50 million in the reconstruction of the Crimea port infrastructure.

The foreign business and investment interest in the Crimea peninsula served a great impulse for Russian government to organise in 2019 an economic forum in Yalta (Crimea) which will be held 19-21April, 2019. More than 3 thousand guests from 60 countries are expected to participate. The internet sites ( and ( give great opportunity for people to acquaint with government’s programmes and main subject matters to be discussed.

Some 5-10 years ago, the Crimea population couldn’t even imagine that its standard of life would be as they are today together with Russia. A coup d’état in 2012 and seizure of power by Neo-Nazi, revival of nationalist activities and infringement of ethnic minorities made living conditions in Ukraine and the Crimea unbearable.

The people of Crimea, therefore, made that essential decision, and now they live with dignity. Because Russia has made for them much more in 5 years than Ukraine during 30 years-period. No one in The Crimea wants to be back to that time.



Story: Eric MENSAH

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