Credible Free And Fair Election: Stop Diversionary Tactics In Abject Contradictions And Walk The Talk – CDG-GH To Nana Addo

The Caucus for Democratic Governance, Ghana (CDG-GH) a research think tank on governance, desperately seeks to call on the president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo and others in authority to stop diversionary tactics in abject contradictions and walk the talk. 


Two weeks ago the President, presenting his nomination papers to the Electoral Commissioner, was reported to have assured the public, which Jean Mensah will carry out credible free and fair elections. Unfortunately, the reality on the ground does not support his apparent assertion; looking at the needless political tensions and violence that have sadly become part of our pre – election process.


The Genesis of our present tension started in November 2016, when military personnel from South Africa came to train private militia in Ghana. Late 2017 when Nana Addo was President, this private militia moved its training camp secretly to Osu Castel.


The journalist, who secretly investigated and made it public, had to flee for his dear life. With public outcry, this illegal militia moved close to Asutware.  Reports reveal that many members of this private militia have found their way into the Army, Police, Security and Boarder Guard.   The rest are in secret training camps, waiting for postings during the elections.


The result of the activities of the militia is the violence at Ayawaso Wesy Wougon by-election, where innocent voters were beaten up, shot and wounded. This episode was followed by many other violent killings at different times.  .The naked truth is that not one member of the terror groups perpetrating atrocities has been apprehended or convicted.


In August, a “whole” Minister who shot at a harmless crowd at a registration centre in Kasoa, is walking round a free woman. The shooting at Odododiodioo, the shooting and killing of a teacher at Brekum, the shooting at a political convoy at Bolga are all needless violence in an otherwise peaceful Ghana.


Often, illegal arms imported into the country, disappear into thin air, and those that are intercepted disappear in the depots. Someone must tell us:

  1. Where is the arms intercepted at the Tema port and handed over to Madam Tiwaa Dankwa?
  2. Where the arms intercepted last month at the Tema is port and later sent to GRA depot?


Inordinate ambition and the desire to rule, has always ended in failure and destruction.  The use of tomb print, to elect leaders, is a simple democratic exercise that neither requires militia nor arm-twisting where leaders rule with conscience. Let us listen to the body language of the people and obey their will.


Article by: Dr E.K.Hayford, Executive Director,  CDG-GH

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