Creation of new regions Let’s watch the growing agitations

Weekend Today has reproduced the paper’s Editorial Comment on Friday, October 12, 2018.  This is because of the renewed opposition to the creation of new regions, following Electoral Commission’s (EC’s) opening of the voter’s register yesterday. 

THERE are many Ghanaians who, right from day one, have not been in support of the Akufo-Addo administration’s agenda to carve out new regions from some of the traditional/already existing ones.


THESE include chiefs, opinion leaders and even politicians, who argue that such a move means extra burden on the state.  Definitely, additional regions mean providing certain facilities that befit the status of a region, which cost will be borne by the state.


OF course, there are many others who also have endorsed the government’s agenda to create new regions, since in their estimation; it will bring about fair and equitable socio-economic development across the country.


WHICHEVER side one sees the argument, it is imperative that the growing agitations, particularly those opposing the agenda, are managed.


WEEKEND Today is making this point in the wake of a call by the President of the National House of Chiefs (NHCs), Togbe Afede XIV, that cool heads must prevail in the on-going process towards the creation of new regions.


SPEAKING at the general meeting of the National House of Chiefs recently in Accra, Togbe Afede expressed that the on-going process towards creating new regions was posing a serious threat to the country’s peace and unity.


THIS, according to the President of NHCs, was in the light of several petitions from chiefs received by his outfit who have registered their disapproval to the whole process.


ACCORDING to him, these include chiefs from the Volta and Northern Regions.  In fact, Weekend Today believes the essence for the setting up of the Commission of Enquiry was to hear the views of people in areas earmarked for new regions, and whether or not they buy the idea.


WE expect the commission of enquiry to do a diligent job by making the right recommendations to the President.  That indeed means that in places where the people do not support the creation of a new region we should not try and impose it upon them.


THAT obviously will spark waves of agitations, and if care is not taken, could become something else.  The fact is that there can be no development when there is no peace and unity.  Peace and unity are critical ingredients to grow societies.


THIS is where Weekend Today agrees with Togbe Afede that the commission of inquiry must do an honest job without fear or favour in compliance with the letter and spirit of the constitution.


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