The Caucus for Democratic Governance, Ghana (CDG–Gh), through its research and its attempt to help arrest and deport COVID-19 from Ghana, has come across vital information, which might be of interest to Ghanaians

We were originally given to understand, that the virus originated from the transfusions from snakes and bats. Others suggested it came from Chinese biological weapons. Yet others suggested it was from the fish markets conditions in Wuhan. Be it as it may, the correct origin which goes beyond these assertions is left to the discretion of the individual.

The history of viruses with pandemic definitions first registered its presence on our planet one hundred and twenty years ago. It all started in 1918, when radio wave was introduced in Spain to improve global radio spectrum frequency transmissions. The result experts say was the Spanish Flu pandemic. The pandemic lasted for two years; from 1918-1920 and affected 500 million people out of which 50 million people died.

The second major pandemic occurred after the second world war ; the 1957 East Asian Flu pandemic with H2N2 virus. During this period, satellites were mounted for global use of radio waves, radar signals and field transmissions. The virus which was identified in February 1957, affected over 50 million people out of which 1,5 million died.

The third major influenza pandemic that affected the world, was in 1968; the Hong Kong Flu pandemic; the H3N2-virus. It lasted between 1968-1970. It affected about 500 million and about 2.5 million people died.

Unfortunately in 2019, another pandemic, the corona virus pandemic is causing worrying human loses. A few years ago, G5 system, was introduced which generally was said to be dangerous because of its high radio frequency. G5 is more efficient compared to G1, G2, G3, and G4. The frequency of G5 is about 10 times higher then G4 and the radio frequency, is used in running satellites, electricity, cars, hospitals, airports, ships, major cities and the control of major economies.
Corona virus was first found in Wuhan in the Province of Hubei in China; in December 2019. As at 31st March 2020, COVID-19 had been reported in 200 countries with 308,000 cases and 39,000 deaths. It is said to have started because of proliferation of G5 radar satellites for communication. The Chinese Telecommunication giant-Huawei, in partnership with Vodafone, has extensive satellite stations in Wuhan with extreme high radiation frequencies. The effect of the radiation from G5 systems on the human cells, according to expects, poisons the cells and induces these viruses. Of late, the 5G system were set up extensively in Italy, Spain and Britain, explaining why these three countries are badly affected by Corona Virus. In Europe, Russia did not proliferate G5 in its cities and so was spared from corona virus fatalities. G5 is only found in Russian military setups.

The question I am asking ( and I guess you are also asking) is : what is the true cause of the COVID-19 ? What is causing the symptoms? How does our bodies react to radio frequency radiation? Which radiations does G5 emit – Alpha radiation, Beta radiation, Gamma radiation or X-ray radiation and in what quantities? These are questions we have to answer, if we desire to know the causal relationship between human cells and G5 radiation.

Looking at the above history, one would very quickly conclude by blaming excessive G5 radiation. We however have to allow our communication and medical experts to lead the discussion. The cat is out of the sack and we should be concerned about our health and safety.

Dr E.K.Hayford
Managing Director
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