Contractors Chase Gov’t for their arrears


Ghana Road Contractors Association (GRCA) yesterday appealed to the government to pay its members all their arrears.


It was the second time the Association had called on the government to do so.


According to the GRCA, the government owes its members GHS1.9 billion, which they said was having an impact on their businesses.


The National Treasurer of the Association, Mr William Apraku Bondzie, said: “We’ve tried all angles, we’ve tried to see those who matter, we’ve been going to the president. I don’t think they’re not aware, they’re very much aware”.


Against this backdrop, the Association called on the government to come up with a policy that will award road contracts based on the government’s budget.


“So what we think can be done is that the government must have a policy that: if every year, the government has a budget of say GHS20 million, and then he proposes 20 million jobs so that when the job is done 20 million is paid, period. Then progressively, year after year, we expand the road network according to the budget that we have.”


The government in March this year started paying contractors for projects they had executed under the GETFUND.


A number of contractors were said to have received their cheques after a protracted delay.


However, government was urged not to truncate the payment that had begun to ensure that all arrears owed the contractors were paid.


“It is our fervent hope that the payment that has started will continue until everyone owed is duly paid, so that life can return to normalcy for us contractors. It has really been tough,” the President of the Association of Building and Civil Engineering Contractors of Ghana (ABCECG), Mr Prosper Yao Ledi, at the time said.


He then commended the government but advised that every effort should be made to depart from the perennial delayed payment of contractors.


Contractors have been up in arms with government over delayed payments of arrears, after repeated promises by government did not materialise.




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