Conti boys just wanted ‘One Corner’ dance with girls —KNUST PRO

School authorities of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) have denied reports that female students were being harassed on campus by their male counterparts.
In a video circulating on social media, some male students, believed to be residents of Unity Hall (Conti) of the university, were seen chasing female students at the all-male residence which has been recently converted into a mixed hall, in order to boost the female population on campus.

About a dozen male students were seen chasing and mobbing some female students as the girls tried escaping from them.

One frightened female student bolted from the scene and another female who tried to free herself after an attempt by one male student to grope her, lost her balance and fell flat on the floor.

The male students, some bare-chested, kept screaming and running after the females.

Reacting to the video in an interview, Public Relations Officer of the university, Kwame Yeboah Junior, said the female students were not being harassed and assured the public that the female students were safe in the mixed halls.

He explained that: “The video you saw was done in the Unity Hall… They had an orientation at Unity Hall, after the event, the students decided to just have some fun. I’m told they were playing the ‘One Corner’ song and they were dancing. The guys were dancing and were trying to pull some of the ladies to dance with them and in the course of that, one fell, so, there was nothing there that showed that anybody was being harassed. We have our security there, we have some policemen also around, and, so, we haven’t had any report but rather some people are putting a spin on the video.”


A visit to the halls by reporters to interact with some of the female residents of these two halls revealed an atmosphere of peace and harmony.


Some of the female students who spoke to the media expressed initial concerns about residing in the halls since their male counterparts were not enthused about welcoming them.


However, after assurances of security from university authorities, they had settled in. “I really feel happy to be here”, one of them said.


Others maintained that they attended the same senior high schools with them and therefore there were no qualms between them.


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