CONIWAS honours WaterAid, World Vision, GAMA, Others

Coalition of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in Water and Sanitation (CONIWAS) has honoured some individuals and institutions operating in the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) sector.

The individuals and institutions were honoured in recognition for their outstanding contribution to the WASH sector at the maiden Dinner and Awards Night dubbed: “National WASH Stewardship Awards” held at the plush Villa Cisneros Hotel, Sogakope in the South Tong District of the Volta Region.

National WASH Stewardship Awards is divided into three categories: competitive, Life Time Awards and Development Partners categories.

The competitive category which saw keen competition among sector players was also divided into seven (7) units comprising: Safe Water, Basic Sanitation, Advocacy, Research & Development, Private Sector, Media and Most Impactful Project.

Under the Safe Water category, the National WASH Stewardship Awards Committee assessed nominees on the following: 1. Innovations in delivery of safe water supply at community or institutional levels. 2. Training in management, operation and maintenance of water supply. 3. Design, construction and/or supervision of water supply systems or point sources. 4. Advocating for safe water delivery and 5. Policy formulation in safe water delivery. World Vision came top in this category.

For the Basic Sanitation category, which Global Communities emerged winners, the Committee looked out for: (1) Technical innovations for sanitation services and products. (2)   Support for or contribution to institutional capacity building for improvement in sanitation and hygiene. (3) Implementation of sanitation interventions in communities and institutions. (4) Behaviour change campaigns for improvement in sanitation and hygiene, at scale and (5) Support for advocacy, policy formulation, regulation and enforcement in sanitation and hygiene services delivery.

WaterAid Ghana came top under the Advocacy slot, again, the Committee based their judgment on: 1. significant contribution to WASH sector policy formulation, regulation and enforcement. 2. Significant contribution to WASH sector innovations. 3.         Provision of WASH services to the poor and vulnerable.  4.            Advocacy for and contribution to strong sector accountability, monitoring and an enabling environment and 5. Support for socio-cultural changes in relation to WASH behaviours and attitudes.

For Research & Development, the committee based their assessment on the following five pointers: 1. Research and development for improvement in sanitation and hygiene, at scale. 2. Development of innovative WASH products and services. 3. Presentation of high-quality WASH papers at international conferences. 4. Publication of WASH articles in reputable journals and 5. Innovations in reducing cost of WASH products and the use of local materials and Prof. Kwabena Nyarko was adjudged winner.

Zoomlion Ghana limited, the leading waste company in the country also came to under the Private Sector, nominees were assessed the following: 1. Contribution to the development of products, technology and innovations that have improved WASH services delivery. 2. Investment in business models or solutions to provide sustainable WASH services. 3. Contribution to creating an enabling environment for WASH through advocacy and policy.4. Effective collaboration and engagement with sector stakeholders and 5. Contribution to capacity building and job creation in the sector.

Under the Media for Wash Promotion category, CitiFM came top and they were assessed on the following: 1. Commitment to consistent WASH reporting. 2. Initiative in exploring over-looked WASH issues and challenges. 3. Targeted activism on critical and ignored WASH issues. 4. In-depth or investigative journalistic pieces on WASH and 5. Published journalistic pieces on WASH that meet high standards of ethics, accuracy, balance, clarity etc.

The last category for the night was the Most Impactful Project which went to GAMA sanitation and Water Project.

Life Time Awards went to: Prof. Esi Awuah, Mr R. K. D. VanEss, Mr Minta Aboagye, Mr Naa Lenason Demedeme and Thomas Sayibu Imoro.



Story: Franklin ASARE-DONKOH

Writer’s email: franklinadonkoh@gmail,com

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