Computer-man rubbishes allegations of Tano South NPP executives

Founder and Leader of Hope Generation Ministry International at Oblogo in Accra, Prophet Eric Kwasi Amponsah, popularly known as Computer-Man, has rubbished circulated media reports made against him by the Tano South Constituency executives of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Brong Ahafo Region. 

Fuming with rage, the man of God stated that on Friday, September 28, 2018 the Tano South constituency executives held a press conference and accused him of allegedly stealing infrastructure projects being constructed by the NPP government through the current Tano South municipal MCE.


The Tano South NPP executives, according to him, described as a thief, conman, and further issued death threats on the life of the MCE.


According to him, those NPP executives had defamed him by referring to him as an assassin, murderous, deceitful, fraudulent, violent and disgraceful person at a press conference held that Friday which was widely broadcast on Charity FM and High Radio at Bechem.


He revealed that during the occasion, the first vice chairman of the Tano South constituency of the NPP threatened that if he [Computer-Man] does not know and dares enter Tano South, they will harm him.


According to him, he was also accused of saying in an interview with Charity FM and High Radio recently that the Tano South NPP executives were thrown out of the Jubilee House, on their arrival to report the dispute between the MCE and him.


However, Computer-man, who was speaking at a press briefing in Accra over the weekend, stressed that the allegations were fat lies, adding that the NPP executives were only out there to cause mischief and drag his good name into the mud.


In line of with this, the Prophet gave a three-days ultimatum to the NPP executives to retract and apologise to him, or else they will incur his wrath.


“If they do not retract the defamatory statements they made against me, l will storm the town with macho men and strong security men to chase out the irresponsible executives out of Tano South and get them arrested and put them before a court of competent jurisdiction to show them where power lies as a true NPP member,” he warned.


“My investigations have revealed that the said press conference of the NPP executives in Tano South is a threat to my life and that of my family because their choice of words were full of threats to my life and personality of which l will not allow to pass without dragging them to court to seek justice and redress,” he maintained.


He pointed out that he was aware that the MCE was the brain behind the recent press conference by the Tano South NPP executives to create the impression that he (Prophet Eric Kwasi Amponsah) was untruthful, fraudulent and deceitful.


He added that he has sued the MCE for defamation at the Sunyani High Court which case was still pending in the court.


The man of God expressed disappointment in the organisers of the said press conference and said the accusations have lowered his image in the eyes of the public.  He noted that he has never hidden his affiliation to the NPP.


He said since the MCE was appointed by President Akufo-Addo, the MCE together with the constituency executives have been making defamatory statements to deny him ownership of community sheds he built as funeral grounds for the people of Dwomo, his hometown, of which he is a royal.







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