Comment ‘Huhu hu nye ye hu’

 We are yet to hit election pitch-fever, yet the Akufo-Addo administration is being edgy in its engagement with other stakeholders in the electoral space, particularly sections of the media these early days, leading to the December 7th, 2020 presidential and parliamentary elections.


It’s one desperate situation akin to a dying person whose soul may be battling him to confess how his intended death is self-induced.  The purity of the soul knows no lie; so it questions this human flesh why he engaged in wrongful persecution of innocent people whose intentions he knew were right but he (dying person) perhaps thinks the execution time was wrong and ill-timed.


We can imagine the soul hinting solemnly to the dying man and questioning “who determines what time it is in such situations and did you do what was right or what you promised to do?”  Such scenario is symbolic of the current state of the ruling government.


Assigns of the government with offices at the Jubilee House have in recent times engaged in serious threats against our deputy Editor, Atta Kwaku Boadi, on either stories he has written and published in this newspaper or his hosting of Kanawu, a popular news and current affairs analysis programme on ATV/GNTV on Saturdays.


The worst threat came through this week when he wrote a news piece on a contribution made by a panel member on his Kanawu show this past Saturday. The panel member took up issues with the government on its worst performance on corruption as noted by the Corruption Perception Index. The story was not an opinion of the writer; it only stated the position of the panel member and how the administration is dying slowly on its own sword.


One of the issues that helped then candidate Akufo-Addo to that massive victory in the 2016 election was his anti-corruption crusade against the Mahama-led administration to the extent that the corruption tag either imaginary or real so demonised that administration as easily the worst government to have emerged in the political history of the country.


Fast track three years on and Akufo-Addo has easily usurped and surpassed that unenviable tag unimaginable in the country’s history and that is what the government people are trying hard to suppress with many propaganda tactics that include diversionary tactics and plain threat of some individuals and media people who dare to talk about how corrupt this administration has been within just a period of three years.


But, let those engaging in such dastardly acts be warned that they cannot suppress the Today newspaper from feeding the people about the true state of this administration.  We did not gain credibility as one of the best private newspapers in the country just for the fact that we also are a part of the media space.  The paper earned it because of our impartial outlook on issues.


In the process we’ve managed to withstand all forms of persecutions unleashed on us by past administrations who fear being hit in the face by the truth and, therefore, what is being employed by such NPP and government people is nothing scary to us.  In fact, we had anticipated it just like we suffered it in the past.  We will, however, assure such cowards that we will stand by the truth and believe such stance will eventually vindicate us in posterity.


And so those goons parading as presidential staffers should know by now that we would not sacrifice that fighting spirit because of such cheap threats.  After all many including their own leader-the President, pride themselves as fighters who at various stages of the country’s evolution suffered all manner persecutions including even death because of the purity they attached to their fighting crusade.


We on this newspaper cannot be exception if such circumstances should visit us. Indeed, we will accept that gleefully without submitting to the subtle maneuverings of this administration to get every credible journalist in the country to eat from their stable.  Your stance on us has rather embolden us and in the coming weeks be prepared to see the worst part of us.


Be prepared to answer to Ghanaians why you’ve planted fictitious letters and documents signed by some faceless members of your party at the office of the Special Prosecutor for a fee of GHC15,OOO.OO just to smear the former President and other members of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC). We are also privy to how you orchestrated a meeting between the EC chair and some top journalists at the EC offices and gave GHC5,000.00 each to every attendee of that meeting in the hope that these journalists fight against elements opposed to the new electoral register.


And for those of you who are running fat accounts at a particular bank owned by a founder member of the NPP from margins that you earned from government and oil contracts, please be warned that at the appropriate time all your deeds would be exposed by us.  We shall surely not rest until we expose that top-most minister who is using SSNIT funds to build private estate houses for public purchasing and hiring.


And for those of who think we are being remotely controlled, please rather than impugning wrongly on the integrity of such private individuals who are more concerned about the deadly cross that you’ve crafted for them to carry, we would rather tell you to look within to see if you can re-script the imminent obituary of this administration through your betrayals.


Yes, the battle-line is drawn and we are all prepared for it folks!

Huhu hu nye ye hu 

Richmond D. KEELSON,

Managing Editor

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