Collapse Of Six Months Old ‘Shoddy’ Bridge Cut Off Several Communities From Asikuma (Photos)

The people of Odoben, Breman Kuntinase, Brakwa, Jambra, Ochisoa and its several adjuring communities in the Asikuma-Odoben-Brakwa (A-O-B) District of the Central Region have been cut off from the main Mensahkrom-Braman Asikuma and Brakwa- Braman Asikuma roads as a result of a collapsed shoddily constructed bridge during a heavy downpour yesterday.

The mostly farming communities have had their major roads linking them to Braman Asikuma, the A-O-B district capital have washed off and rendered impassable after hours of rain.

Speaking in an interview with this Reporter, some stranded travelers explained that a bridge linking Breman Kuntinase and Braman Asikuma which was constructed in less than a year now has been washed away thus making it impossible for any vehicle to cross to the both ends.

Another bridge at Breman Ochisoa linking Asikuma and Brakwa has also collapsed thus truncating every vehicular movement.

Aside the collapsed bridge at Breman Kuntinase which according residents nearby was shoddily constructed; most portions of the roads have become impassable.

“The roads have become so bad that even trucks drivers that attempted maneuvering the treacherous road, which has developed huge sinkholes and bears sharp, pointed stones which were used as part of the bed of the road, ended up getting stuck in mud.” A Stranded traveler disclosed.

Stranded travelers musing over their plight could only alight from their vehicles as they walked about in disbelief; some of them were hear cursing political actors for years of neglect.



Story: Franklin ASARE-DONKOH

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