Coconut Grove Beach Resort: A summary of CSR Activities for the period in review



The Hotel located in the KEEA municipality, Elmina – a fishing community along the coast. The impact of Coconut Grove Beach Resort on the environment during the period in review is crucial and of vital importance. Apart from employing hundreds of direct employees, the hotel has also given jobs to local suppliers thus helped in increasing wealth and reducing poverty in Elmina by patronizing made in Ghana Goods and services as much as possible, i.e. Rice, vegetables, seafood, artisans, etc.

The Resort has invested substantially in improving education by hosting and sponsoring spelling, reading and writing competitions for the pupils from the primary schools, both private and public, thereby inspiring local pupils to read and write. As part of its sustainability program which is aligned with its priorities of being a responsible business, it has added value to what is taught at school through career counseling and practical training sessions for tertiary students which seeks to bridge the gaps between Industry and Institutions and also sharpen the vocational and technical skills of students, who inevitably are the Human Resource Capital we tap from during recruitment.


Environmentally, Coconut Grove Beach Resort is well aware of the operation impacts associated with the environment and has over the period embarked on thorough and regular clean up exercises bearing in mind that a clean environment is not only a basis for good health but it also attract visitors. These clean-up exercises most often is organized by the hotel in collaboration with students, teachers, community members and stakeholders

The hotel’s contribution to health is focused on blood donation exercises to augment the supplies of the blood bank. The hotel through this exercise, mobilized hundreds of pints of blood. Aside from the regular blood donation exercises, glucometers are distributed free to the general public and free diabetes testing conducted. Health screenings have also been carried out to help identify and provide remedial action where necessary.


Substantial support has been provided for Non Profit Organisations like Operation Smile and Yale AFS Alumni, who provide reconstructive surgery and community development projects for deprived communities within our region and beyond. Our support has been in the all forms including ensuring the Medical and Technical Teams of these organisations have a comfortable experience whilst visiting our country to carry out these life changing operations and activities.


Source: Ghana/Coconut Grove Hotels

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