Claiming credit for prophecies “stupid” – Inkoom

General Overseer of the Radiant Place Church, Apostle Emmanuel Inkoom, has slammed individuals who claim to be men of God and use prophecies for popularity.

There has been an increase in the number of individuals who claim to be prophets and make statements publicly to the effect that some individuals will die by a certain time.

However, Apostle Inkoom told Moro Awudu on Class91.3FM’s Executive Breakfast Show on Tuesday, 24 April that: “If God reveals something to you as a prophet and then it comes to pass and it is negative, then you are not strong enough in the realm of the spirit to break it… God cannot reveal to you for entertainment, He reveals to redeem, so, if you think it is for popularity, for money and to increase the capacity or numerical strength of your church, you are extremely wrong”.

Apostle Inkoom said: “God can never reveal something when He does not need an intercessor to stand in the gap to be able to redeem you from what he has revealed”.

The Apostle was of the view that the motivation for most prophecies in recent times is wrong, adding that they are not for the genuine advancement of the work of God.

“The motive is extremely wrong, especially Ghana. Some people will come and say: ‘God showed but I didn’t say it because of people’, so, why are you saying it after the person is dead and what benefit are you going to get as a result of you saying it? It is extremely hypocritical and stupid”.

He further pointed out that God speaks to everybody in different ways, so, “the fact that you even prophesy or see something about people doesn’t necessarily make you a prophet”.

He observed that: “Prophetic word is not only for death, it is for instruction, exhortation and rebuke.

“How do we prepare for the future if death is what everybody is hearing? Everybody will die one day but the most important thing is that tell the person what I saw is going to happen but let’s pray and believe God to break it. If you make it something that you want to gain popularity from, then you have lost focus,” he stated.

According to him, a revelation was made about David to Nathan in the Bible but the prophet did not go and share it publicly but approached David privately on the matter.

For him, that is how prophecies are meant to be treated as he emphasised that the people who are involved or concerned are not far from personal contact.


Source: Classfmonline

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