Chiefs Snub Atewa Protesters


Chiefs, traditional authorities and the people living along the fringes of the Atewa Forest Reserve have denounced a group calling itself the Concerned Citizens of the ATEWA Landscape who have fiercely protested against bauxite mining in Atewa forest.


Nananom in a statement declared the protesters as non-indigenes, who somewhat managed to stage their campaign on the blindside of the Chiefs and people of the area.


“It must be noted, the demonstration was staged on our blind side, and we are aware the demonstrators are not indigenes, rather they were transported from West Akyem and Kwaebibirem Districts, which do not make up the entire communities surrounding the reserve.”


However, they said they’ll continue engaging the government to ensure the project is implemented in a responsible and sustainable manner.


A group calling itself the Concerned Citizens of the Atewa Landscape last Tuesday  embarked on a protest march from Sagyimase to Kyebi as part of its relentless effort to pressure government to abort its plans to mine bauxite deposit in Atewa Forest Reserve which is a significant Biodiversity Area.


In 2019, the group embarked on similar walk from Kibi to Accra to petition major stakeholders on the need to exclude Atewa Forest from the Sinohydro deal which Ghana has leveraged its bauxite deposits in Atewa and Nyinahin forest reserves.


The group contended  that mining of bauxite in Atewa forest reserve will affect the three major rivers-Ayensu, Densu and Birim which is depended on over 5 million people.


They also said  flora and fauna and other distinguished species will be affected. Also, the ecological role of the forest outweighs the financial gains the government is sacrificing the forest for.


Spokesperson for the group, Nana Ampem Darko told journalists  that  they were  also pursuing legal action to halt the projects.


He also indicated plans to petition the United Nations(UN) in the coming days to intervene.






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