Chaos At Weija-Gbawe over who becomes MCE

CONFUSION is gradually building up at Weija and Gbawe communities in the Greater Accra Region over who takes over the leadership of the newly created Weija-Gbawe Municipal Assembly, which was carved out of Ga South Municipal Assembly.

It has emerged that the Assistant Secretary of Gbawe Familyl lands , who doubles as the Assembly member for Gbawe Electoral Area in Accra, Mr. Robert Nii Armah Tagoe, is vying seriously for the position.

This, Today has learnt, has not gone down well with a group calling itself—Concerned Citizens of Weija.


At a press conference at Gbawe in Accra yesterday, which was addressed by the spokesperson of the Concerned Citizens of Weija, Nii Gyan Amartey, he indicated that any attempt by President Nana Addo Dankwa-Akufo-Addo to appoint Robert Nii Armah Tagoe as the MCE for the newly crafted municipality would be resisted with all seriousness.

He mentioned that by virtue of Robert Nii Armah Tagoe’s position as the Assistant Secretary of the Gbawe family and the official surveyor to the Gbawe family, he will be biased in handling issues between the people of Gbawe and Weija communities.


According to Nii Gyan Amartey, Nii Armah’s appointment will not augur well for peace and development in the area.

He said: “Robert Nii Armah Tagoe must be disqualified. The reason being that if he is appointed to the position of MCE and he is to superintend on land boundary issues between Weija and Gbawe and other surrounding communities, he can certainly not be fair to Weija because of his interest in the Gbawe family lands.”

He mentioned that the Concerned Citizens of Weija are not championing an agenda for any particular individual to become the MCE, but that they want the president to consider appointing a neutral person who is neither from Weija nor Gbawe and who can be objective and fair in his pronouncements.


“We are for peace and therefore, we are calling on the President to appoint somebody who can help maintain the peace we are enjoying now in. That person can be of any tribe, any area or community,” he emphasised.

To this end, Mr. Amartey urged the appointing authority to investigate “our concerns and act appropriately.”

However, when contacted by Today via telephone yesterday, Mr. Tagoe stated that” he is  not connected to members of the Gbewe Family Lands, and that he is just a worker at the Gbewe Lands Secretariat under the Lands and Natural Resources.


Mr Tagoe also denied the allegation to the effect that he will influence the long-standing land boundary dispute between Gbawe and Weija because of his interest in the Gbawe Family Lands.


“I want to state that Gbawe and Weija are all one family and being a settler at Gbewe I do not actually involve myself in chieftaincy and land disputes. As an Honourable Assembly member your duty is to ensure that there is peace and development in the area.


“..So I want to appeal to President Akufo-Addo that all what my critics are saying against me are complete lies. So if I am  given the nod to head the Weija-Gbawe Municipal Assembly, I will not be biased but I will ensure that there would be peace between the people of Gbawe and Weija in regard to the chieftaincy and land disputes,” Mr. Tagoe assured.



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