‘Chale Wote’ festival 2017 opens in Accra

The 7th edition of the annual street art festival, CHALE WOTE, has been officially launched amid cultural performances and art exhibitions.

The week-long programme which is on the theme: ‘WATA MATA,’ saw a grand opening with energetic performances from some cultural groups, a procession from Brazil House to Fort James and an exhibition.

Gaining huge turnout since its inception in 2015, CHALE WOTE 2017’s opening saw people from various backgrounds witnessing the ceremony with excitement and great expectations.

This year, the festival promises installations of over 200 artists from Ghana and around the globe including those from Kenya, Poland, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, U.S, France, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia and Australia.

The event will also include 15 film broadcasts, a fashion circus, 10 different locations to view installations, exhibitions, and live visual art, live music on 3 music stages, a CHALE WOTE Art Fair where varied art pieces will be available for purchase, processions, tours and more.

CHALE WOTE over the last six years has been the catalyst for the growth of the creative and arts industry in Ghana as it creates the environment for arts to be appreciated and a platform for a bigger audience for arts by giving access to the general public.


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