The Caucus for Democratic Governance, Ghana (CDG-Gh) has registered with concern the lifting of the partial lockdown (20th April 2020) by the President.

Reports on public reactions to the lifting of the lockdown are diverse. A neorosurgen, Dr Mohammed Abdullah, has responded to the lifting of the partial lockdown in Accra, Tema, Kasoa and Kumasi by the President; describing it as unfortunate and not backed by Science. Others suggest that the Government approach will keep the virus in Ghana for a longer period. 

The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has always insisted on a total nationwide lockdown, suggesting it is the way to drive the corona  virus out of Ghana in the shortest possible time.   Much earlier it was recorded that the President was too slow in reacting to the potential dangers of novel coronavirus. When things were getting out of control, he responded with partial lockdown.



History repeats itself; so one of the surest way forward, is to learn from history. The history of viruses with pandemic definitions first registered its presence on our planet in 1918. It was the Spanish Flu.  In September, 1918, Philadelphia prematurely ended its quarantine from the Spanish Flu to organize a parade. Some 200,000 people lined the streets. Within 72 hours, every bed in Philadelphia`s  31 hospitals was filled. The city ended up with 4,500 people dying from the Spanish Flu with in matter of days.



The lesson we learn lead to the consensus that, any attempt to put economic and political considerations above that of COVID-19, will bring us back to square one.  The President before his 7th appearance,  certainly had many worrying issues on his mind  including the COVID-19.  How long can he continue to feed the homeless and those taken out of the street and out of their jobs?  The COVID-19 expenditure is seeking to deplete the Government coffers. The badly organized  distribution of food  by all standard is helping the spread of corona virus. The question is “Sika no wo he” meaning  : where is the money?  Where is the budgetary allocations granted by Parliament?. Where are the monitory allocations from IMF? where is the $100 million ?, Where is the contributions from the COVID-19 Fund ?. Who is accounting for these monies?



For reasons, best known to Government, the NIA is badly in a hurry to complete its registration How long can NIA be stopped from registration? How long will it take EC to complete training the registration officers, and the new register? How long can he (President Akufo Addo) continue to remain a flag bearer candidate without confirmation?  When will the NPP primaries take place?

We are in a process where we run the risk of running in circles instead of moving forward in consensus. In situations where personal and political interest of the ruling elite over shadows the interest  of Ghanaians (sinking in the shadow of  coronavirus death)  we stand to fail as a Nation.


Dr E.K.Hayford

Managing Director


0277606338 / 0507694343

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