Can Ghana Be Saved From Her Sins?

If so-called Mallams now have the guts to advertise freely on television and radio on how to use charms to become rich, then as a people we must know we have lost the plot to restore some health into our sick society.  These Mallams now have also turned to Facebook to befriend people who they think need help to become rich, and so, it means we have become a country that worships wealth, no matter where it comes from.

That is the reason why corruption has eaten deep into our social fabric.  The Muslims have fasted and prayed.  Yet nothing seems to be happening to the redemption of our souls.  We cannot count the bottles of Schnapps that have been poured to the gods to clean us from our rotten ways.  All these efforts do not seem to be working.  As for the Christians, we have even lost count of the fasting and numerous prayer nights, but all seem to be in vain.  Our souls have remained sold out to the devil.

For now, it looks like from the Muslims, through the traditional worshippers to the Christian community, we are short of prayers and do not know what to do.  If with all these prayers, no change is taking place as regards the wrong things that we do, then we must not be surprised that we have been consumed by corruption and all the evil that goes with it.

About five years ago, when the international Evangelist, Reinhard Bonke, visited, l thought that was going to be the end of our problems.  At the time, l felt that, if there was ever a time that a people needed the hand of God to clean the mess they had created, that was it, because together, as a people, we have gone astray from the ways of the Lord and it would take something drastic to help us.  Bonke came and left, but nothing happened.

Does it mean that, God did not hear our cries and supplications from His anointed son? Like every Ghanaian, l had wished that Bonke did not only come to preach and heal the sick.  I had prayed that, he would take our Pastors and Christians at large, through some form of deliverance process, so that, the bad ones among us would either change or be cast out, because we have refused to change.  I thought God would have used this international evangelist to redeem the very bad nuts among us, so that, we have a renewed society where sin and corruption are not the norm.

Unfortunately, nothing happened, because the change that l had expected did not take place.  Aglow International – Ghana has prayed for change but it seems our ears have been hardened.  Therefore, what kind of revival do we need in the church so that those who lead us would be people who have been delivered?  For now, there seems to be some amount of waywardness among pastors, because a few of them have proved, by their deeds, that they are not in the ministry to redeem souls for Christ but simply to make money.

For this reason, the preaching of salvation has been relegated to the background, whilst pushing people to make money at all cost, has become the order of the day through the teaching of Prosperity Theology.  Some of the pastors have forgotten that they were called to teach the ways of Christ and have become Motivational Speakers!

It is for this reason that morals have been lowered. Of course, this must be expected if Pastors have turned their Churches into businesses in order to sell “blessings” to their flock.  Some have turned their pulpits into advertising platforms where they only preach about how they helped willing people to get visas.  Others have also become wife snatchers and destroyed homes.

In all these, it is like there is nothing that anyone can do because there is no way to measure how people are called into becoming Men of God.  Pastors are supposed to be people who have been called and how this happens, there is no way that we can tell who is properly called.  Due to this, a lot of people have claimed to be called, knowing that this is not true.

The crooks among them have become very aggressive in the way they operate.  Among this group of people are those who openly claim they are more anointed than others and this brings one to question what exactly anointing is.

Those who claim to be anointed, point to their ability to heal the sick and perform miracles.  Sadly, like how men of God are called, there is no way that one can measure anointing.  If being anointed means to perform miracles, does that mean that those men of God who do not do such things cannot be deemed to be called?  Going by this thinking, should we simply assume that priests in the orthodox churches are not on the same level with those in the Pentecostal and Charismatic Churches?

But, from media reports, it has become clear that Priests from the Orthodox Churches are seen to be better behaved and disciplined than those on the other side.  Therefore, it looks like because there is no control in these churches, they have become the properties of the founders who have become General Overseers, and so do what they like and set their own agenda.

Currently, leaders of these one-man churches who have realised that they do not have the level of education that Orthodox Priests have, and believing that they would be accorded respect if they got some education, have started hunting for honorary doctorate degrees to improve their status in the eyes of the gullible public. Unfortunately, these honorary qualifications have not been able to change the image of these fake pastors who are parading as men of God.

What intrigues me is that among those who are fooled, are highly educated people.  The fake Pastors have now turned to advertising to increase the number of those who follow them to be conned.  As a result, they are now competing with well-known “juju” men to advertise themselves on billboards and promise to provide answers to everything from sickness to marital problems and acquisition of visas.  It is sad that the government, weakened by the Constitution that allows freedom of worship, looks on and seems helpless.

So, the rot continues as many people have become victims of what can only be described as “fraud by false pretences” by men who have decided to hide behind the Bible.  We seriously need to pray for the country’s Christians and the country at large, so that the Holy Spirit would be able to clean the large number of fake Pastors and clean the hearts of the people.  If we are able to achieve this, l believe we would be able to bring down to some appreciable level, the high rate corruption that has eaten deep into our fabric.

This lowering of our moral fabric also accounts for the growth of “Sakawa” among the youth because they see even men of God trying to use “all means necessary” to amass wealth.  Why the large number of people bothered to watch Anas Amereyew Anas’ #12 documentary on corruption in football beats my imagination.’  Aren’t we all a bunch of hypocrites, ready to laugh at those who have been caught, forgetting our own ills?


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