Can Accra become the cleanest city in Ghana?

Undoubtedly, the city of Accra being Ghana’s capital is engulfed with so much filth. Drainages, surroundings, and the streets, are littered with plastic waste materials.

This alarming development has become a major factor to flood in the capital city whenever there is a torrential rain fall. Through this, several lives  and properties worth thousands of cedis are being  destroyed by flood due to choked drainages littered with garbage.  This worrying situation has resulted in His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo -Addo’s pledge in making sure that Accra becomes the cleanest city in Ghana.

For the First Gentleman of the land to take stringent measures in eradicating filth within the city, is a right step in the right direction. But as to whether this initiative will materialize, is a question for another day.  I believe the surge in making Accra the cleanest city, largely behooves on us as citizens of the land.

Pragmatic measures such as sanitation courts in dealing with sanitation offenders, aiding  of zoom lion, among others, will not yield the 100% filth free in the capital city if we do not change our  attitudes  as citizens of this country when it comes to indiscriminate dumping of refuse.

As a  people, we need to educate ourselves when it comes to the issue of sanitation and subsequently say no to littering of our environment. If we are able to achieve this, in my estimation, only then can Accra become the cleanest city as stated by the President.  Thumbs up to the various sanitation measures put in place to eradicate filth within the city, but, the greatest tool in totally eradicating filth in the city is the  mind set of the citizenry.

I recall that the then mayor of Accra, Mr. Alfred Oko Vanderpuye, under the immediate past administration  initiated d  a  sanitation programme where  epeole were expected to use the first Saturday of every month to  do sanitation work.

That was a laudable step in fighting filth in our society. To some extent, it couldn’t solve the problem. The programme  couldn’t work because the citizenry did not have a change of character..

In most instances, the filth removed from the choked drainages are left just beside the drainage. Whenever there is a heavy down pour, or a strong wind, it carries the waste back into the drainage, making the sanitation exercise futile.

The incumbent mayor of Accra, Mohammed Adjei Sowah, has an enormous task as far as  sanitation issues in the city are concerned. Unequivocally, he has commenced some good works in order to “arrest” the alarming situation of filth which has engulfed the city.  As a country, if we really want to fight against filth, there must be a total change and transformation of character when it comes to sanitation.

Also, provision of litter bins must be made available along our various principal streets within the country.  All these sachet rubbers, plastic packs among others dumped into our various drainages can be disposed into the litter bins along the streets. With the introduction of litter bins on our streets, it can go a long way to curb the situation.

Flooding, cholera, malaria among many other deadly diseases in our communities are  as a result of our actions by the constant littering of the environment in which we live in.

As one people, if we are able to desist from such an act, then the dream and vision of His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo – Addo, will come to fruition, and then also, our beloved country Ghana will become a better place to be.


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