Cabinet Discusses Mahama Resolves To Silence Him

The recent comment by the 2020 flag-bearer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) former President John Dramani Mahama was among the items on the agenda discussed at the last Cabinet meeting of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, can report.
Addressing party members at the NDC’s 28th Anniversary last week, Mr. Mahama was reported to have said that, the party (NDC) was committed to a peaceful electoral process “but let nobody assume that we will accept the results of a flawed election.”

Describing the statement by the former Ghanaian leader as ‘distasteful’,  Cabinet at its meeting last week according to a deep  throat source at the seat of government  resolved to stop such utterances from opposition parties, especially, the NDC “before things get out of hand”.

The source said, the comment by the NDC’s leader was further described as ‘premature’, and a sign of defeat awaiting the largest opposition party ahead of the December 7, 2020 polls.

“Mahama knows he can’t beat Nana Addo come December 7, and because he can’t tell his followers he is making this statement to cover his incompetence but we will not allow him and his cohorts   plunge this country into chaos”, a senior cabinet minister was reported to have said.

Alluding to the popular maxim, “Events cast their shadow before they occur”, the senior cabinet minister, the source said, alleged that the NDC and Mr Mahama had an evil plan ahead of the December 7 elections hence the recent comments by former president Mahama to energize their sympathisers and supporters.

However, our source said, “all these reckless statements  would stop  when anti-corruption state agencies state chasing those who are inciting Ghanaians against the Electoral Commission (EC) and the government”

According to our source, Mr Mahama would soon be invited by the Special Prosecutor, Mr Martin Amidu  over his role in the Airbus scandal.

That, the source said would silence him and his supporters, and would not have the courage to go about criticising the government “destructively”.

“If that’s the path he (Mr Mahama) has chosen, we’ll go with him on that path but i can assure him he will not survive before December 7. The Airbus scandal stinks, and we have enough evidence against him, so if i were him i would keep quiet”, another senior cabinet minister who is a pal of President Akufo-Addo was also reported to have said.

Our source said, the minister claimed “we (NPP) have some NDC’s national, regional and constituency executives on our payroll, and they give us information all the time  about the party’s strategy towards the December 7 polls so  we are  already aware of the machinations of the NDC”.

As for the use of the state security agencies to harass and intimidate the opponents of the government the source said, the NPP was not going to slow down, and would let the security agencies, particularly the police arrest anybody who makes “unpalatable” statement. The alluded


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